Geagea Condemns ‘Playing with Fire’ after Hizbullah-Israel Fire Exchanges


Head of Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea tweeted Friday, after cross-border rocket fire exchanges between Hizbullah and Israel, that “what is happening is very dangerous, especially amid the great tension in the region.”

He added that the Lebanese are already suffering and warned that “playing with fire” might “eradicate the rest of the Lebanese population.”

He called on Hizbullah to “leave the Lebanese people alone” and not to add “bigger” and “more terrible and painful” tragedies to the tragedies they are already living.

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Missing phillipo 06 August 2021, 16:49

The comment in the article "cross-border rocket fire exchanges between Hizbullah and Israel" shows very clearly that the Government of Lebanon does not and has no intention of ordering the LAF to implement Resolution 1701.
So what exactly do you expect?
Even after the villages stopped the vehicle with the rocket launchers and the terrorists inside it, the LAF did absolutely nothing.

Missing 1948 09 August 2021, 12:28

Israeli media stooge