Hariri Slams Ceding 'War and Peace Decision' to 'Katyusha Firers'


Former premier Saad Hariri on Friday described the situation on the Lebanese-Israeli border as “very, very dangerous,” after Hizbullah and Israel traded fire across the volatile frontier.

“It represents an unprecedented threat to (U.N. Security Council) Resolution 1701,” Hariri added in a statement.

He warned that “using the South as a platform for regional conflicts, whose results and repercussions are uncalculated, is a step into the unknown that puts entire Lebanon in the crosshairs of the wars of others on its soil.”

“Lebanon is not part of the Iranian-Israeli clash in the Sea of Oman, and the state with its legitimate military and security forces is responsible for protecting citizens and securing the requirements of sovereignty,” Hariri added.

“Ceding the decision of war and peace with the enemy to Katyusha firers represents the epitome of the relinquishment of the state’s role and responsibilities,” the ex-PM went on to say.

“Where is the state regarding all of this and did the Presidency, the Premiership and the Army Command take knowledge of the firing of rockets?” Hariri asked.

He also called for having mercy on “our country and people who are already reeling from the impact of the social and economic collapse.”

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Default-user-icon Warrior (Guest) 06 August 2021, 16:55

It's time to have the Lebanese Army be in full control of the country and its security and no militias whatsoever. This is ruining Lebanon.

Thumb i.report 06 August 2021, 22:06

ps, Third……

Thumb lebnanfirst 06 August 2021, 22:48

Politics aside, its sad to still find dogmatic philosophies existing in the 21st century. That said, you should be praying that that does not come to pass for the sake of the side you're on. Iran is not at its zenith, quite the opposite is true given internal instability, sanctions, Covid-19 to name a few nor is HA for know reasons. Add to that if Russian interests are guaranteed in Syria, then neither Iran nor it's proxies are a match for the coalition that will be facing them.

Like it or not, Western systems have proven their mettle. Individual freedoms are paramount, not sheep-like collectivity beholden to any one "authority". Those have been tried many times through out history and proven failures time and again.

There is no absolute "right" ideology as life itself is a dynamic entity. We Lebanese simply want to be left in peace to raise our children, to love and enjoy our lives. Irhal

Thumb lebnanfirst 08 August 2021, 20:52

Incoherent as you comment is, it begs but one question, why do you choose to live in a western democracy given your perspective of such systems. Shouldn’t you be somewhere else fighting against it’s supposed “huge genocide”.
But of course, in western systems one has rights unlike other systems you’re espousing. You have a right to your and me to mine. Difference is, if one were in your shoes, common decency says one shouldn’t spit in the well from which one drinks.
To reiterate, life itself is a dynamic evolving entity and truth is Western democracies have proven best at changing as life and the times change. Not so with the systems that you are defending.

Default-user-icon Gab (Guest) 07 August 2021, 12:26

You poor soul, what did you go through to be so brainwashed.
Smart people will be silenced, so stupid people want get offended.

Default-user-icon cocktail (Guest) 08 August 2021, 00:52

things might catch on fire bro, its not looking very promising but hey, the lebanese people have nothing to live or look forward for any way, their like i am not sure how to put it together, you know what i mean, hopefully things will get better soon, i am praying that you guys for a government, they need to make sure to include some qualified shia too, they live there you know, they get to participate in the country too man, i am afraid of a war man and i feel this time ISRAEL could strike beirut, junieh, everywhere, these people are heartless, not to mention saida, borj el barajneh, cola, barbir, mazra3a, nakoura, i am praying that this dont happen, these people are crazy and this time the war could be very nasty for everyone