Reports: Govt. Formation Possible Next Week


The sectarian and political distribution of ministerial portfolios is “almost done,” according to circles following up on the government formation developments.

The circles confirmed on Friday that “consultations far from the spotlight will take place in the next few days to agree on the names of the ministers.”

They expected the government to be formed during the next week, "if no last moment obstacles emerge."

The sources noted that the decision taken by the Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh to end fuel subsidies has worsened the situation in the country, which “pushed towards accelerating the government formation in order to face the consequences of this decision, whether it is to be implemented now or later."

Moreover, visitors of Ain el-Tineh reported that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri expressed his satisfaction with the progress concerning the government formation.

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Thumb lebnanfirst 13 August 2021, 18:19

One has better odds of winning in Vegas than betting on our government formation. One hears odds makers in Vegas are giving 1000:1 against forming government in Lebanon

Default-user-icon DevoutChristian (Guest) 13 August 2021, 18:33

I heard Aoun's health is bad. I hope he passes away to save Lebanon from his craziness. He's the cancer of this country and the sooner he leaves this world to hell the better the results would be for Lebanon. Then, his SIL would be checked and many billions of stolen monies would be found and would be jailed and rot in prison.

Default-user-icon very well (Guest) 14 August 2021, 03:40

good news