Hariri Says 'Akkar Massacre' Similar to Beirut Port Explosion


Former prime minister Saad Hariri drew a link between the tragic Akkar and Beirut explosions in a statement shared on Twitter.

"The Akkar massacre is not different from the port massacre," he said.

"If this was a country that respects its people, its officials would resign, from the president to the very last person responsible for this neglect," he added.

"Enough is enough. The lives of the Lebanese and their security is the top priority," Hariri stressed.

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Missing mcessen1 15 August 2021, 08:30


PS - First

Default-user-icon just a friend (Guest) 15 August 2021, 09:34

then be the first to resign!! enough with this cheap talking! leave politics, which you’re not cut for, found an NGO and start helping the Lebanese, otherwise spare the people your useless presence and go back to live in SA. you’re acting as you’d be some kind of lone knight battling for the country, while in reality you’re just a whole with the damned political class, history has already recorded your and their failures

Default-user-icon solutions (Guest) 15 August 2021, 15:29

Mr. Hariri, you are a very smart man, i am with you 100% i think they should resign except for PM. Mikati for he did not start yet, so he cannot be blamed for this, the formation of a government should be the top priority right now, the new government must start cleaning up and working 24/7 to restore, they must start from the top to the bottom and no vise versa. i agree with you Saad.