Parliament: Bitar Has No Jurisdiction to Subpoena Diab


Parliament's secretary-general Adnan al-Daher sent Friday a memo to the public prosecution saying that the lead investigator into Beirut's massive port explosion Judge Tarek Bitar “has no jurisdiction to subpoena caretaker premier Hassan Diab.”

The memo stated that Diab had received a subpoena to appear before Bitar on August 26, adding that Bitar has “no jurisdiction, according to the constitution and law.”

This issue is being looked into by parliament in order to take “the necessary measures.”

Bitar had subpoenaed Diab for interrogation on September 20 after he failed to show up for questioning on Thursday.

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Default-user-icon alasad wal nemer (Guest) 28 August 2021, 02:16

this guy should appear to the court if oun appears too, oh wait oun got an umbrella over his head and every one else does not, expose oun