Aoun Meets U.S. Delegation, Stresses Govt. Formation 'Progress'


President Michel Aoun met Wednesday with a U.S. Congress delegation and stressed that there is "major progress" in the cabinet formation process, the Presidency said.

"The cabinet formation process has made major progress and a lot of obstacles have been resolved," Aoun told the delegation.

Moreover, the President said "the parliamentary elections will be held on time in Spring 2022," emphasizing that "the anti-corruption fight will continue" and that "the forensic financial audit will be held."

"Achieving just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East would reflect positively on Lebanon, which is committed to the implementation of international resolutions, especially Resolution 1701," Aoun added.

The president also thanked the delegation "for the U.S. support for the Lebanese army."

The delegation for its part voiced support for the Lebanese people and said U.S. assistance for the Lebanese Army will continue.

The U.S. delegation was led by Senator Chris Murphy and the meeting was held at the Baabda Palace in the presence of the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea.

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Thumb lebanon_first 01 September 2021, 17:45

I am amazed at the goodwill of the Americans into helping us. Why are they helping a country controlled by a terrorist milicia? What is it to them? What are we to them? . Really we should be thankful to the US