Another Draft Cabinet Line-Up Emerges


Another draft cabinet line-up has emerged over the past 24 hours. Below is the draft 24-seat line-up as published by Annahar newspaper:

- Prime Minister: Najib Miqati

- Deputy PM: Saade al-Shami (SSNP)

- Finance: Youssef Khalil (Amal)

- Public Works (Hizbullah)

- Culture: Mohammed Murtada (Hizbullah)

- Agriculture: Abbas al-Hajj Hassan (Amal)

- Foreign Affairs: Abdallah Bou Habib (President’s share)

- Defense: Maurice Slim (President’s share)

- Energy: Walid Fayyad (President’s share)

- Justice: Henri Khoury (President’s share)

- Social Affairs: Raffoul al-Bustani (President’s share)

- Economy: Greek Catholic candidate (President’s share)

- Industry: Tashnag Party candidate (President’s share)

- Youth & Sport: Druze candidate (President’s share)

- Displaced: Minorities candidate (Named by Aoun and Miqati)

- Tourism: Greek Catholic candidate (Named by Aoun and Miqati)

- Education: Abbas al-Halabi (PSP)

- Telecom: Johnny al-Korm (Marada)

- Information: Georges Kordahi (Marada)

- Interior: Bassam al-Mawlawi (Miqati & Hariri)

- Health: Firass Abiad (Miqati & Hariri)

- Environment: Nasser Yassine (Miqati & Hariri)

- Administrative Development: To be named by Miqati & Hariri

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 02 September 2021, 15:41

It looks exactly like a government of independent experts!

Thumb lebanon_first 02 September 2021, 17:47

Culture: Hezbollah wouhahahahahahahaha!!!
Culture of killing and terrorism

Joke of a system

Default-user-icon Warrior (Guest) 02 September 2021, 18:31

March 8. has the absolute majority in this line up. And just for Aoun alone, are 8 portfolios, plus he is still trying to control 2 more portfolios. Also the Marada is pro FPM and they get 2 portfolios. Just imagine what an imbalance this is. Mikati has only 4 portfolios. And we all know who is ruling behind Aoun. That sounds scary.

Default-user-icon jean tabet (Guest) 02 September 2021, 20:15

1939: Adolph Hitler
2001: Osama Ben Laden
2020: General Michel Aoun!

Missing formerlebaniz 02 September 2021, 20:25

What is unbelievably hilarious is the fact that while he's arguing about the 1/3 for the president and his puppetmaster, the hizb coalition has gained control over half of the government. Do you REALLY think they will risk upsetting their christian ally by voting against him in the government? This is the exact same mess Lebanon had for the past 15 years. The only solution is really getting out of the country it's hopeless.

Missing constantine 02 September 2021, 23:46

Once again the President has slowly but surely gained back some of the Christian powers but setting a precedent for all future Presidents to secure the one third. The election law the first, not signing for government approval abs now this.
Christians are finally back on the map.

Default-user-icon Munir (Guest) 03 September 2021, 01:51

No women?

Missing phillipo 03 September 2021, 18:49

So there's no difference between a Hizballah government in Lebanon and a Taliban one in Afghanistan?