Report: Miqati to Propose '14-Minister Salvation Government'


PM-designate Najib Miqati is inclined to suggest the formation of an “executive salvation government” that would “pull the country out of the disastrous crisis,” a media report said on Saturday.

The 14-seat government would comprise senior politicians, Annahar newspaper quoted “highly informed sources” as saying.

“Miqati will submit this line-up to the President in the beginning of next week, and should it be rejected by (President Michel) Aoun, Miqati will flip the table once and for all,” the sources added.

Below is the reported line-up as published by Annahar newspaper:

- Najib Miqati

- Tammam Salam

- Bahia Hariri

- Suleiman Franjieh

- Ibrahim Kanaan

- Georges Adwan

- Yassine Jaber

- Mohammed Fneish

- Jihad Murtada

- Walid Jumblat

- Hagop Pakradounian

- Farid Makari

- Elias Murr

- Ghassan Salameh

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Thumb 04 September 2021, 16:20

lol I’m unsure if this is to be taken seriously. So many expert…..wafflers in the 14!

Thumb 04 September 2021, 16:34

Rumours has it Michel Aoun demands to be prime minister on top of president.

Missing un520 04 September 2021, 20:32

This is getting from bad to worse...

Thumb janoubi 04 September 2021, 20:33

بالفيديو.. «انشودة» لـ«باخرة النفط الإيراني»: حصرم بعين الأمريكي!بالفيديو-انشودة-لـباخرة-النفط-الإ/

Thumb enterprise 05 September 2021, 03:15

باسيل: لا تخجلوا بأي موقف اذا كان هو الحقيقة فالكذبة مهما تكررت لا تصبح حقيقة وانتم تعانون الاضطهاد والظلم لأنكم جئتم لإصلاح ما لا يريدون اصلاحه كالكهرباء وغيرهاباسيل-لا-تخجلوا-بأي-موقف-اذا-كان-هو-الحقيقة-فالكذب

Missing fuzzyd72 05 September 2021, 06:09

If you do what you have always done...