Ghajar Briefs Aoun on Amman Energy Plan Agreement


President Michel Aoun met Thursday with caretaker Minister of Energy Raymond Ghajar.

The latter briefed Aoun on the talks he held in The Amman meeting to import gas and electricity to Lebanon through Syria.

Energy ministers from Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon had met on Wednesday and agreed on a plan to bring gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan to Lebanon through Syria.

Amman meeting came after a Lebanese delegation visited Damascus to strike a deal to import the gas and electricity from Jordan using Syrian infrastructure.

There are still repairs to do to the war-damaged pipelines and electricity lines in Syria before energy supplies start flowing.

To help crisis-hit Lebanon, the U.S. has given rare approval for the Arab neighbors to escape punishment under sanctions targeting the Syrian regime.

Lebanon is also working with the World Bank to ensure the financial resources needed to pay for energy imports from Egypt.

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