Line-Up of Najib Miqati's Government Announced


The line-up of Najib Miqati’s 24-minister government was announced on Friday, 45 days after the veteran politician and Lebanon’s richest man was tasked with putting together a new cabinet and more than a year after the previous government’s resignation.

Below is the full line-up as announced by the secretary general of the council of ministers:

- Najib Miqati (PM)

- Saade al-Shami (Deputy PM)

- Bassam Mawlawi (Interior)

- Firass al-Abiad (Health)

- Nasser Yassine (Environment)

- Amin Salam (Economy)

- Youssef Khalil (Finance)

- Ali Hamiyeh (Public Works)

- Abbas al-Hajj Hassan (Agriculture)

- Mohammed Murtada (Culture)

- Mustafa Bayram (Labor)

- Abbas Halabi (Education)

- Issam Sharafeddine (Displaced)

- Abdallah Bou Habib (Foreign Affairs)

- Johnny Korm (Telecom)

- Walid Nassar (Tourism)

- George Kordahi (Information)

- Henri Khoury (Justice)

- Walid Fayyad (Energy)

- Maurice Slim (Defense)

- Hector Hajjar (Social Affairs)

- Georges Kallas (Youth and Sport)

- Najla Riachi (Administrative Development)

- Georges Boujikian (Industry)

Comments 5
Thumb thepatriot 10 September 2021, 16:23

As if this was going to make any difference.
Aoun, Mikati, Berri and Nasrallah are ll good for the dumpster. And so is their government.
I do not know these people.
I don't give them the slightest chance of success.
We wanted independent specialists, the creme de la creme in order to give this poor country a chance. After over one year of empty talks and childish gameplay, we got a solution which is an equilibrium between confessions ans political parties. Pointless. These people will never learn. They will never understand. I salute once again Adib and Hariri who refused the post because their hands were tied. Compromise doesn't work in Lebanon. Mikati sold his soul to the devil.

Thumb 10 September 2021, 16:58

I second everything you wrote, they don’t have the slightest chance of success given whom hand picked the ministers.

Thumb Surrounded 10 September 2021, 18:49

Mikati will have a lot of the people's blood on his hands.

Default-user-icon Salim Farah (Guest) 10 September 2021, 17:13

Only one woman in the government "chosen" list in a sea of men! The writing is on the wall.

Missing phillipo 10 September 2021, 18:13

Three months max.