Iran FM in Beirut: We’re Ready to Reconstruct Beirut Port, Build Two Power Plants


Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said Thursday that Iran is ready to rebuild Beirut port and that Iranian firms can build two power plants in Lebanon within 18 months.

He stated in a joint press conference with his Lebanese counterpart Abdullah Bou Habib that “Iranian specialized companies are willing to build two power plants with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts in Beirut and the South within 18 months.”

He added that his country is “fully ready to rebuild Beirut port if the Lebanese side asks for that.”

Abdollahian voiced his remarks after meeting with President Michel Aoun, Speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister Najib Miqati, on his first visit to Lebanon since taking his post after Iran’s presidential elections this summer.

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Thumb ansarullah 07 October 2021, 15:25

God bless the Islamic Shia Republic of Iran for offering to rebuild Beirut port after the explosion caused by the Saudi-American-Israeli-LebaneseForci-Sengali-Bengali-Sudani-Morocani-Libyani-Bahraini-Emirati coalition.

The Shia Republic oof Iran has once again demonstrated its goodwill intentions towards our country and continues to work hand in hand with our Shia Resistance to kick-start the economy and improve our way of life.

Shia Shea Shia !!!

Thumb geom1975 09 October 2021, 12:37

Another terrorist

Thumb lebanon_first 07 October 2021, 19:08

We want nothing from you. You have caused nothing to Lebanon but misery for the past 2500 years. Just stop financing terrorist groups in our country and get the hell out.

Missing HellAndWaite 07 October 2021, 21:43

.. because people willing to work at building the nation is the one thing that has been missing, all this time ...

Thumb janoubi 08 October 2021, 07:25

«قوم بوس تيريز».. فضيحة جديدة يفجرّها وزير الداخلية.. هذه تفاصيل زيارته لباسيل قبل توزيره!

صرح وزير الداخلية “المستقل” انه طلب منه قبل توزيره زيارة باسيل، مشيرا انه سأل ميقاتي فأصر أن أذهب.قوم-بوس-تيريز-فضيحة-جديدة-يفجرّها-وز/

Default-user-icon just a friend (Guest) 08 October 2021, 10:38

yeah, sure, Iranian authorities are not even able to provide for the needs of their own population, let alone going abroad to reconstruct Lebanon... just look at countries like Iraq, they're now blossoming thanks to power plants and cities' infrastructures built by Iranian benefactors..!!

Default-user-icon The Long term cynic (Guest) 08 October 2021, 11:20

There will be strings attached to this.
Here comes the Islamic Emirate of Hezbollahstan.

Default-user-icon The Long term cynic (Guest) 08 October 2021, 11:23

There will be strings attached to this.
Here comes the Islamic Emirate of Hezbollahstan.

Missing phillipo 08 October 2021, 12:39

So what number province of the Islamic Republic of Iran do they want Lebanon to become?

Missing cedars 09 October 2021, 14:26

Is there power in Iran enough to all its provinces? If you can't provide power to your country, why do you continue to lure and lie to people like kizballa