Lebanon's National Electricity Grid Totally Collapses


Lebanon's national electricity grid totally collapsed on Saturday, after the al-Zahrani and Deir Amar power plants stopped operating due to a lack of diesel, LBCI television said.

The two power plants' separation from the grid lowered national power production to below 200 megawatts forcing the collapse.

Lebanon's state-run electricity firm, Electricite du Liban, was meanwhile "conducting maneuvers to rebuild the national grid manually, amid the absence of the national control center which was destroyed by the Beirut port blast," LBCI added.

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Thumb i.report 09 October 2021, 15:30

That’s why lots of people are investing in solar panels… $5000 the installation for 10 solar panels (445 watts), inverter and batteries supplying 10 amps .

Missing rabiosa 09 October 2021, 17:54

I heard the $5000 is the minimum for the lowed amps. Is that enough though to power a house, for hot water, AC, etc... say during summer time? My dad says it's the lowest and can go up to $1000, $15000 dependng on what the household wants.

Default-user-icon Eli (Guest) 10 October 2021, 00:56

There is no Government in Lebanon.. everyone to themselves ..only corrupt theives and terrorists are in charge

Missing arturo 10 October 2021, 06:26

Sad to see what is happening to Lebanese people. When will change come. Even lesser developed countries have electricity.

Default-user-icon Khalifa (Guest) 10 October 2021, 09:59

Please vote for me for electricity power plants plan free of charge for the sake of good time of Lebanon’s.

Missing easygoing 10 October 2021, 15:02

The issue is that countries less developed than Lebanon, have electicity, as they don’t have the fucking politicians that Lebanon has, so thats the huge difference.