Miqati Won't 'Resign', Says Cabinet Won't Meet before 'Finding Solution'


Prime Minister Najib Miqati has noted that he does not intend to resign and that Cabinet will not convene before a solution is found for the dispute over Beirut port blast investigator Judge Tarek Bitar.

“The security situation is stable and there are no fears,” Miqati said in an interview, referring to the deadly Tayyouneh clashes.

“But, politically, I won’t call for a Cabinet session before finding a solution to the problem and I don’t want to provoke any party,” he added.

Asked about a possible solution to the judicial dilemma, Miqati said: “I won’t interfere in the work of the judiciary… The judiciary must fix itself by itself and there are laws and a constitution that cannot be bypassed.”

The premier also noted that the Higher Judicial Council “does not have the right” to ask Bitar to step down, noting that the issue needs time to be resolved.

Asked about the meeting he held with the Justice Minister and the head of the Higher Judicial Council, Miqati said he was briefed by them on the course of the investigations into Thursday’s incidents while telling them that he “will not interfere in Bitar’s work.”

Commenting on the Tayyouneh clashes, Miqati said: “What happened happened and it must be addressed and the solution is political. As long as I’m present, I will not allow injustice against any party and Lebanon is the country of balances which should be respected by everyone.”

Asked whether he might step down as premier, Miqati said: “This is not on the table and the country can’t be abandoned in these circumstances. Vacuum should not engulf all authorities and we have essential and clear missions: devising an economic reform plan and holding the parliamentary elections, and I’m committed to these two missions.”

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Missing peace 18 October 2021, 12:42

One that should be in jail with the other mafia leaders....

Thumb galaxy 18 October 2021, 13:53

Cabinet Won't Meet before 'Finding Solution'
What's the rush! You have all the time in the world as long as your handlers in Hezbollah are satisfied.

Thumb CODE.961 18 October 2021, 17:02

لو كان في لبنان مليون جائع لما اعطيناهم الخبز بل سنعطيهم البندقية حتى يسقطو النظام
١٩٨٩حسن نصرالله

Missing formerlebaniz 18 October 2021, 19:41

There is no “resolving the problem” you clown pretending you run a government but you know who actually controls it.

The judicial system won’t reach its natural conclusion unless able to bring to justice the culprits, and since that is not possible because they are above the law than there is no government no justice system. You need to resign and request from them to REALLY run the government and stop hiding behind clowns like you. The world needs to know who is running Lebanon.