Macron Urges Gulf to Re-Commit to Lebanon' amid Efforts for Kordahi Resignation


French President Emmanuel Macron has called on the Gulf nations to “re-commit to Lebanon with the aim of achieving reforms and regaining the country’s sovereignty,” a French Presidency source said, shortly after Macron met Prime Minister Najib Miqati in Glasgow.

In their talks, Macron reiterated his support for Mqiati to “realize and implement the reforms program,” hoping the Lebanese political parties “will allow Cabinet to convene despite the crisis with the Gulf countries,” the source added, according to al-Liwaa newspaper.

The daily meanwhile reported that “contacts are underway with (Information) Minister (George) Kordahi and his allies to urge him to take the country’s interest into consideration and voluntarily submit his resignation.”

“His sacking is out of the question because it would threaten the collapse of the entire government and plunge Lebanon into a long dark tunnel,” al-Liwaa added.

It also noted that the contacts “have not led to a result” because “the argument of Kordahi’s allies is that the problem with Saudi Arabia is not linked to a personal stance by the minister prior to his appointment, but rather to the Saudi stance on Lebanon and on the entire government.”

“His resignation therefore will not lead to a chance in the Saudi stance and will not allow for restoring normalcy in the relations,” the daily quoted Kordahi’s allies as saying.

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Thumb gebran_sons 02 November 2021, 16:06

When would Macron understand that Lebanon is under occupation and all what he is doing is justifying Basij occupation. Shia are essential part of Lebanon's fabric, but Iran arms are not. They occupied the South to turn it into Iran's outpost for regional hegemony. They are the cause of (1) political instability, (2) exodus of good paying western firms that had always made Beirut its regional headquarter, (3) drying out of local and foreign investment as no one invest long term when country and government under occupation, (4) created a law of jungle and controlled airport and ports that are lifeline to growth, (5) caused skyhigh interests that destroyed our economy with negative growth. Stabilizing lira for 15 years would have turned Lebanon into Singapore if it wasn't for occupying Basij. No recovery without liberation from Iranian invasion!

Missing rabiosa 02 November 2021, 16:15

Was about to say the same thing. It was he Macron who talks out both sides. he wants stability in Lebanon yet his country and his euro cohorts do billion worth of business with the Mullahs and hence they keep them alive.

The only salvation is to bring down the Mullah's regime which will eventually topple the Hizbos. Nothing else will do.