Cabinet 'Won't Convene' before Resolving Row with KSA


Contacts and consultations among the Lebanese parties and with some Arab and foreign capitals are expected to intensify today with the return of Prime Minister Najib Miqati from the climate summit in Glasgow, media reports said.

The contacts aim to find a solution for the diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia and Cabinet will not convene before such an exit is found, al-Joumhouria newspaper quoted sources as saying.

“The premier and some concerned parties are insisting on Information Minister George Kordahi’s resignation to avoid an aggravation of the crisis with KSA in particular and most Gulf countries in general, whereas other parties are insisting that the man should not resign because they believe that he did not err as a minister and that his stance on Yemen’s war had been taken prior to his appointment as a minister,” the sources added.

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Thumb justin 03 November 2021, 13:05

"Together For Rescue"

Missing ashrafcaptagon 03 November 2021, 13:46

Do not bow for these stupid games the sewergroup are playing, enough is enough, no compromises from now on. Be subjective into whom you pay your support to. Open up the northern port and distribute it accordingly. Sewergroup has basically taken the whole population as hostages for a bargain, accept the terms or we will starve ourselves and its citizens. Let them starve in their sewers and on "motsiks" as they shout their slogans a loud. You complete disgrace of humanity, by far the most miserable creatures ever walked this earth.

Default-user-icon Libnani (Guest) 03 November 2021, 17:11

More than half the tenure of Aoun (5 years) have been without a government, and the remaining half without a real one. So, this guy has been the one who destroyed Lebanon as we once knew it. Not that Lebanon has ever been a real country; far from that.