Aoun Urges KSA to Differentiate between Stances of State and Individuals


President Michel Aoun on Monday stressed Lebanon’s keenness on “establishing the best ties with the brotherly Arab countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries,” during talks with Arab League Assistant Secretary-General Hossam Zaki.

Moreover, Aoun emphasized “the need to differentiate between the stances of the Lebanese state and what might be uttered by individuals or groups, especially if they do not hold positions of responsibility, while taking into consideration the requirements of the democratic system which the Lebanese have chosen, which guarantees the freedom of opinion and thought within the law’s regulations.”

Underlining to Zaki the need to “address what happened recently between Lebanon and KSA through honest dialogue,” the President welcomed “any effort by the Arab League to restore the brotherly ties.”

“Frankness in such situations is a key factor in reconciling viewpoints and mending any rift, and Lebanon will not hesitate to take any stance that contributes to preparing the atmosphere for such a frank exchange,” Aoun added.

He also underscored that any dialogue between the two countries “must take into consideration national sovereignty and mutual keenness on institutionalizing the relations between the two brotherly states so that they do not get affected by any individual or transient incidents.”

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Thumb 08 November 2021, 20:51

Michel Aoun is losing it again, doesn’t he know that when a minister opens his mouth he does it in the name of the State?

Thumb thepatriot 08 November 2021, 21:11

Strong President! Lol!
He is a coward and Ebola’s slave!