Report: Kordahi Still Clinging to His Stance on Resignation


Information Minister George Kordahi is still refusing to submit his resignation in connection with the diplomatic crisis with the Gulf countries, highly informed sources said.

Kordahi is saying that he will not resign over “a mistake that he did not commit while being information minister,” the sources told al-Joumhouria newspaper in remarks published Tuesday.

“This is an extremely complicated issue and the Marada Movement and Hizbullah will not accept to sacrifice with the information minister and will not compel him to make any step, unless he voluntarily decided to resign,” the sources added.

“The issue is bigger than his statements, and this is what has been confirmed by the Saudis, as well as by Arab League envoy Hossam Zaki, who openly said that the issue has become bigger than Kordahi’s statements,” the sources went on to say.

Asked about reports claiming that Zaki has raised the issue of holding a Cabinet session involving a vote on Kordahi’s sacking with the ministers of the Shiite duo and Marada voting against it, the sources said: “We cannot confirm this issue, but anyhow, the issue of Minister Kordahi’s sacking or resignation is much more difficult than what some people believe.”

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Thumb gebran_sons 09 November 2021, 15:01

Kordahi resignation is irrelevant as he is just a Useful Idiot like many before him. Lebanon has two paths that will be determined in next few weeks: (1) Slavery under Basij occupation and continuous economic ruin, humiliation and isolation or (2) Real independence via a peaceful million plus Cedar Revolution II March organized and funded by diaspora not politicians. Anything short of disarming Hizb and putting in Jail all collaborators who sold Lebanon to criminal Iran/Assad regimes(FPM, Marada, SSNP, etc) as well as corrupt politicians from all parties. Lebanon has lost many already won battles, from UN resolutions, to Western support to Batrak call for Positive Neutrality and No Arms Outside Army. This will be the only slogan for Cedar Revolution II in addition to Tueni’s oath. Thuwar should start by expunging all those who don’t believe in disarming Hizb. No time for private wars. Election should be based on comprehensive political-economic-social plan not individuals.

Thumb gebran_sons 09 November 2021, 15:21

We pretend to have good lawyers for Thawra. When there are tons of documented speeches by criminal Nassrallah and his basij linking Hizb arms and funding to Iran, when plenty of evidence of Hizb criminal activity from Hariri assassination to Port & Tayoune. If these lawyers with all this evidence cannot make a case in US/European courts for victims with dual passports of Hizb/Iran culpability and win reparation from Iranian blocked funds, then it is better for them to find another career. Enough talk about Thawra, we need actions, leaders with clear strategy and determination to restore Lebanon, a country with incredible human resources and diaspora, to its formal glory. Disarm Hizb and kick out the Basij with Cedar Revolution II as Assad army was kicked out in Cedar Revolution I and the rest will astonish the world. Cedar Revolution I was accomplished with zero Shiaa support. I’m sure this time will be different. Just listen to Nadim, a true voice of the Shiaa for new Lebanon.

Missing HellAndWaite 09 November 2021, 15:36

Time to move past this: Miqati needs to hire and appoint a replacement Information Minister, regardless of whether Kordahi thinks he has resigned. Miqati needs to present the new hire in a public announcement to the International Press, then stop sharing his administration's press announcements and foreign affairs files with Kordahi ... all that goes to the new person who will officially speak for the government. No amount of salary can be worth waiting more ... and since the budget is blown anyway, what difference does the cost make? None and all the difference in the world.

Get a move on, Miqati ..

Thumb lebanon_first 09 November 2021, 17:05

You did no achievment in your life you clown. You are a nothing. Got luck getting a role in tv and got luck got a role in the government.
Just get out and let the big boys fix your stupudities

Default-user-icon Bill (Guest) 10 November 2021, 00:11

Its only a matter of time and he too will have to resign.