Miqati after Meeting Aoun: Govt. is Running, Cabinet is Not


Prime Minister Najib Miqati met Wednesday with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace.

When leaving, Miqati only said that “the government is functioning but the Council of Ministers is not,” answering a question by a journalist.

It is not the first meeting this week after which Miqati leaves without a statement.

The Prime Minister had also met Monday with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and left Ain el-Tineh without making any statement.

Aoun, Berri and Miqati had met in Baabda on Independence Day.

Miqati said after the talks that the “meeting represented serious dialogue and, God willing, it will lead to a good outcome.”

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Thumb galaxy 01 December 2021, 11:30

Resign you shameless pos! You are the PM and if you cannot get your cabinet to convene then what's the point of staying in your position. Then again, Bassil said there his no Iranian occupation of Lebanon. Yet, the cabinet cannot convene because the Hezbollah terror group said it shall not.

Default-user-icon Tigger (Guest) 01 December 2021, 12:50

There are 5 Shia ministers in a cabinet of 24 and you are blaming Hezbollah instead of the Lebanese overall? You are the problem in Lebanon. You only need 2/3 to convene. I wonder who is holding thus back from convening. Stop making this a Hezbollah problem. Plain and simple it's politics and power at its best at the expense of the people.

Thumb sevilla 02 December 2021, 13:56

Yeah sure coz we are dealing with a civilized group of shia ministers. You forgot to mention that Saniora did exactly that and you and your shia ministers accused him of treason and called the government unconstitutional. Then, you took to the streets and closed DT for 2 years and then you civilized shia invaded Beirut on May 7th.

Go spread your paid propaganda on Al Mayadeen and Al Manar.

Thumb doodle-dude 02 December 2021, 14:20

lol @ albert dona (Guest)