Mawalwi Says Parliamentary Elections Likely in May


Interior Minister Bassam al-Mawlawi told Egypt’s MENA news agency that he expects the elections to take place in May.

“The elections won’t take place in March, unless President Michel Aoun agrees to sign, before December 27, the decree amending the electoral law and rescheduling elections for March 27,” Mawlawi said. “But Aoun is firm on his refusal to sign the decree,” the minister affirmed.

“The decree must be signed by the President, Prime Minister and Interior Minister, and must be published in the official Gazette, three months ahead of the elections' scheduled date,” he clarified.

Mawlawi won’t use his jurisdiction to issue an official decree appointing a date for elections and send it to the President, before an agreement is settled with Aoun and Miqati.

“I wish to reach a minimum of political consent” and to “avoid political bickering,” Mawlawi said.

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