Judge Aoun Slaps Travel Ban on Riad Salameh


Mount Lebanon Attorney General Judge Ghada Aoun on Tuesday ordered General Security to impose a travel ban on Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh in connection with a lawsuit filed against him by activists.

A leaked copy of Aoun’s order says Salameh should be barred from traveling through all land, sea and air ports of entry due to “judicial requirements in light of the important clues and evidence in the preliminary investigation file, especially the lawsuit filed by the lawyers of the legal department of the People Want the Reform of the Regime group.”

Salameh, one of the world's longest-serving central bank governors, is also facing judicial investigations in France, Switzerland and other European countries on suspicion of money laundering and illicit enrichment, among other allegations.

Salameh has recently dismissed the cases against him as unfounded and lacking in evidence, claiming they were opened based on complaints filed by Lebanese citizens "for reasons that could be political... or tied to certain interests."

He said that a top-tier financial audit firm had scrutinized his accounts at his request and presented him with a report that he then submitted to officials and judges.

"I am ready to cooperate with all investigations," he said, claiming they were based on "fabricated evidence" that made it seem as though he "took all of Lebanon's money and pocketed it."

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Thumb i.report 11 January 2022, 19:21

The time has come to reinstate the witch trials.

Scarecrows must burn!

Thumb gebran_sons 11 January 2022, 20:06

Salameh is no saint but any developing country would have been extremely fortunate for a Central Bank Governor that stabilized currency for 20 years. With 7% GNP growth after Cedar Revolution, real increase in wages and real estate value Lebanon was on path to become again a center for banking, commerce, education, innovation and regional headquarter for major firms. All changed with HizbIran 2006 War to protect Iranian arms, destroy our independence and rule of law. This followed by 2 years Hizb and Berri blocking government and destroying Downtown Beirut. Then electing puppet Aoun who sold Lebanon and our dignity for 30 pieces of silver. As Michel Aoun Faustian deal was tasked with destroying Christian presence so this other Useful Idiot Ghada Aoun is tasked with destroying all capital in Christian and Sunni hands. Has she ever prosecuted Hizb’s criminal acts? Time to liberate Leb from Iranian occupation and their puppets

Thumb galaxy 12 January 2022, 03:04

She is still investigation Al Qard Al Hassan -:)

Missing un520 11 January 2022, 20:19

I dont thing that Salameh should worry. Here in Lebanon there is always a judge willing to cancel out the orders of another judge, so he will be able to travel again very soon. Salameh should worry more about the investigations going on in France, Switzerland and other European countries. It is not enough with powerful friends there...

Thumb sevilla 12 January 2022, 08:03

What's with the Aouns? They all look the same! She is a copy of Michel Aoun but with long hair.

Missing rami 12 January 2022, 10:11

He'll escape in a box like Carlos Ghosn.