Aoun Continues Talks, to Announce Stance on Dialogue Thursday


President Michel Aoun, who finalized his talks with the heads of blocs Wednesday, will announce his final stance on national dialogue on Thursday, TV networks said.

Aoun had earlier in the day met with Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil and delegations from the Consultative Gathering, the Social National bloc and the Armenian bloc.

“We are advocates of dialogue, especially that we are in a shattered society,” Social National bloc head MP Asaad Hardan said after meeting Aoun.

“Dialogue must always prevail and President Aoun is thanked for the invitation,” Hardan added.

MP Hagop Pakradounian of the Armenian bloc meanwhile announced that his bloc would take part in dialogue, seeing as “dialogue is the way to rescue what’s left of the country.”

MP Faisal Karami of the Consultative Gathering for his part said that his bloc “cannot but support dialogue, especially amid the circumstances that the country is going through.”

“We demonstrated the topics that will be raised around the dialogue table, which are important,” Karami added, noting that “Lebanon is a country of settlements and is built on dialogue.”

“That’s why we encourage it and we’re awaiting the invitation to take the appropriate stance as to participation,” the lawmaker went on to say.

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A bunch of losers