Dialogue Boycotters Hit Back at Aoun, Call Him ‘Disruption Expert’


Democratic Gathering Bloc MP Hadi Abou El-Hassan, said that President Michel Aoun instead of “lecturing” the dialogue boycotters, should have addressed “his ally,” which is “the main party disrupting the country.”

He added that “the one who had disrupted the country for 9 years out of his 16 years of management, shouldn’t accuse people of arrogance and of disrupting dialogue.”

Aoun on Thursday had lashed out at those who announced their boycott of his proposed national dialogue conference, holding them responsible for the continued paralysis of the country, which triggered the dialogue boycotters to strike back accusing the FPM and its ally Hizbullah of disrupting the country.

The media advisor of ex-PM Saad Hariri said that the presidency is "the godfather of disruption" and that it had disrupted the government for years.

Lebanese Forces MP Anis Nassar joined the Progressive Socialist Party and al-Mustaqbal Movement in hitting back at Aoun.

He told al-Anbaa news portal that the President is “an expert in disruption,” as he had in the past disrupted the government for six months "to make his son-in-law Jebran Bassil a minister."

He added that Aoun had disrupted the presidential elections for two years and a half to secure his appointment as a president, and had also prevented the government from making reforms after the elections because of a bickering between Bassil and the Prime Minister at the time.

Nassar went on to say that “the call for dialogue came too late, now that the country is at its last breath.”

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Your house is in glass..can you share the six million dollars with the poor instead of statues?