Top Mustaqbal Official Says No IMF Deal in Sight


There will be no solutions in Lebanon in the near future, senior al-Mustaqbal Movement sources have said.

“What we know is that there will be no solutions. There will be neither an agreement with the International Monetary Fund nor solutions in the coming days and months,” the sources told al-Joumhouria newspaper in remarks published Wednesday, when asked whether ex-PM Saad Hariri’s withdrawal from politics was related to any expected negative developments.

“From the Presidency camp’s conflicts with each of the central bank governor and the director general of the Internal Security Forces, it is clear that things are headed for further problems and to a worse situation,” the sources added.

Asked whether there might be “chaos, war, partitioning or a new social contract,” the sources said that “such an analysis is not new” and that “it is still plausible.”

“Anything might happen in the presence of fragmented institutions, a failed state and postponed solutions,” the sources added.

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Thumb Geralt 24 February 2022, 07:49

al-Mustaqbal Movement, what a failed party led by a failure of a leader!