Report: Russia Inclined to Blame Bassil for Anti-Moscow Stances


President Michel Aoun’s adviser for Russian affairs, ex-MP Amal Abu Zeid, has met in Moscow with President Vladimir Putin’s Mideast representative Mikhail Bogdanov to explain to him the motives behind Lebanon’s latest stances regarding Russia’s war in Ukraine, media reports said.

Abu Zeid told Bogdanov that Lebanon’s stances were based on “principles and political considerations,” al-Joumhouria newspaper said.

Bogdanov for his part expressed his dismay over the Lebanese behavior, wondering “what would Lebanon reap from its stance and how it would benefit from it,” the daily added.

“The Russians are inclined to blame Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil for the undiplomatic approach adopted by the state regarding the Russian war on Ukraine, especially that the reports of their ambassador in Beirut have leaned this way,” the newspaper said.

Abu Zeid, however, denied the accusations, hinting that “a certain official had played a role in convincing President Michel Aoun of the need to align with the U.S. and Western approach in order to avoid pressures,” al-Joumhouria added.

“What was issued by Lebanon was not at all aimed at antagonizing Moscow, with which we are keen on the best relations,” Abu Zeid added.

According to al-Joumhouria, it seems that Abu Zeid’s clarifications “were not enough to contain the confidence crisis.”

“A high-ranking Russian figure even said that it is not strange for Russia to receive a Lebanese stab in appeasement of the Americans as long as some are even willing to give up a part of the maritime and oil rights in order to appease Washington,” the daily added.

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Missing HellAndWaite 09 March 2022, 02:14

"Yea, he's OUR punching bag, not yours. You should blame us all ... it was the government of the Lebanese people that you heard speaking, not the Hiding Hassan, for a change."