Two Stun Grenades Blow up in Ain al-Remmaneh Causing Material Damage


Two explosions were heard in Ain al-Remmaneh at dawn Thursday, as two percussion bombs were thrown in the area, damaging shops and cars.

The persons who threw the bombs remain unknown.

Security forces came to the place, and investigations were launched.

Meanwhile, al-Jadeed TV said that a quarrel had occurred at night in Ain al-Remmaneh, where the two hand grenades were later thrown.

Lebanese Forces MP Pierre Bou Assi said he will inspect the site, which lies near an LF office.

"WE CAN throw (real) grenades, not percussion bombs, but we don't want to," Bou Assi said.

"Stop provoking Ain al-Remmaneh," he added.

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Missing cedars 18 March 2022, 12:22

Let's see if in 24-48hrs those farm boys will be caught or its another mistery..we only catch anything anti March 14