Geagea: Hizbullah must stop practicing corruption instead of talking about fighting it


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday hit out at Hizbullah over its latest anti-corruption remarks.

“You can combat the part of corruption related to borders and smuggling between Lebanon and Syria, because the security of the region is in your hands and the smugglers are your people,” Geagea said during an electoral event.

“The airport and the port are also in your hands and everyone knows about the rampant corruption there, not to mention the port explosion and the investigation’s developments,” the LF leader added.

“How can Hizbullah explain its alliance with Jebran Bassil, the most corrupt of corrupts, across Lebanon, from Akkar to the South, and how can it justify its pressure on most lists in the various regions so that they ally with the Free Patriotic Movement? Not only you are not fighting corruption, you are rather aiding corruption and paving the way for it,” Geagea went on to say.

He added that “no one has called on Hizbullah to combat corruption.”

“All that is asked form it is not to practice corruption and to halt smuggling before anything else. It also can refrain from seeking to allow the most corrupt of corrupts to reach parliament,” Geagea suggested.

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