Raad: U.S. bankrupted the Lebanese, we won't talk to Americans


The head of Hizbullah’s parliamentary bloc, MP Mohammed Raad, on Monday accused Washington of being behind Lebanon’s historic financial and economic crisis, as he stressed that his Iran-backed “will not communicate with the Americans.”

“What bankrupted the Lebanese and plunged them into the latest economic and financial crisis is the U.S. domination, which wanted to besiege the resistance and failed to do so,” Raad said in a speech in the southern town of Zefta.

“It then sought to besiege all state institutions, which could not bear the siege, so they collapsed and became a burden on people, our resistant environment and the resistance,” the lawmaker charged.

He added: “Some people say that those who don’t communicate with the Americans are not worthy of living in this country, but we won’t communicate nor talk with the Americans, and we have the right to defend our existence against those threatening it.”

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Thumb gebran_sons 04 April 2022, 16:58

This is surreal. Lebanon bankruptcy is 99% because of Hizb. Hizb cost to Lebanon is in the hundreds of $billion. This in addition to causing exodus of all good paying western firms, destroying Lebanon reputation for business and open economy, and systematically destroying our banking system, education institutions, hospitals and tourism. Hizbollah with Assad complicity, in addition to murdering Lebanon best (hariri, Tueni, Kassir, etc), is synonymous with criminal activities, drug/captagon trade, money laundering, illegal crossings for tax evasion, foreign funding of its militia, assassination squads, convictions in world court, and responsible for bankrupting and isolating Lebanon. Raad and company should be rotting in Jail. It is up for us in Diaspora to start a GoFundMe campaign in Lebanon and international courts to put Hizb criminals and all FPM/Amal complicit in Jail.

Thumb gebran_sons 04 April 2022, 17:00

Gada Aoun is the protector of Hizbollah’s crimes and enabling Hizbollah systematic destruction of our economy so it can easily devour Lebanon. Hizbollah is responsible for bankrupting and isolating Lebanon. A peaceful well governed nation can get loans at 2% yearly interest. Political instability increases interest to 6%-10% for same loan. A country controlled by a criminal militia funded by a belligerent country, interest will exceed 15%.
A loan payable in 30 years cost:
80% more if interest=2%
474% more if interest=6%
1645% more if interest=10%
6521% more if interest=15%
That is why our banking system and Lebanon are bankrupt. Thanks for Useful Idiots Ghada & Micho Aoun for taking us to hell while protecting Hizb criminal activity.

Thumb gebran_sons 04 April 2022, 17:29

Not only Hizbollah and Israel are two sides of the same coin, Israel should enact a monument to thank Hizbollah for protecting its border and destroying any competition with Lebanon in international trade, port activity, banking and education systems, and Lebanese historical role in providing technical and financial expertise to Gulf nations. Soon Israeli experts will displace Lebanese managers in Dubai and all the Gulf region. No other organization in the world has provide more services to Israel than Hizbollah, an Iranian militia that is created, funded, armed and indoctrinated by Iranian Basij.

Missing singldad 04 April 2022, 18:45

must be the joke of the century... or better yet, HE is the joke of the century!

Missing samiam 04 April 2022, 22:13

Look at a mirror dude. Take some responsibility yourself. You have ZERO proof and are talking to your mindless minions who might believe you.

Thumb Marc 05 April 2022, 00:00

Look who is talking. The sad state of the economy in Lebanon is the result of his party and its support of a bunch of incompetent losers starting with the President and down the line

Missing fuzzyd72 05 April 2022, 08:46

No worries, Raad. No-one wants to talk to Lebanon.

Missing cedars 05 April 2022, 13:50

Who is sending captagone in lemons to the gulf? Who is making Lebanon an open border with Syria and smuggling anything and everything? Who is interfering with our Arab friendly country business?

All America?