Report accuses Iran of sending port blast nitrates to Beirut


Iran sent to Beirut the hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate that detonated in August 2020 at the port of Beirut causing the world's biggest non-nuclear explosion, according to a report by the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya's Al-Hadath TV.

Al-Hadath said it has learned from unnamed sources that Iran had sent the shipment to the ports of Poti and Batumi in Georgia through Azerbaijan, then to Madagascar instead of Beirut in an attempt to "cover-up" the transfer.

From Madagascar the shipment arrived to "its main destination, the port of Beirut, where Hizbullah stored the ammonium nitrate along with rockets," Al-Hadath said.

"Some quantity of the ammonium nitrate was smuggled to Syria, another was used to make rockets," the report added.

The report stressed the Iranian presence in Azerbaijan, accusing Iran of forming a Shiite militia there, called Huseynyun. It also said that Iran's intelligence agencies heavily control the ports of Poti and Batumi in Georgia.

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Thumb 22 April 2022, 15:02

If true, they’re going to pay dearly !

Missing incorruptible 22 April 2022, 16:08

And who’s going to make them pay, pray tell ?

Thumb 22 April 2022, 20:44

The mowatinin. People will hold an even greater grudge against Iran and the terrorists they sponsor . Some citizens who lost a loved one whom held a double citizenship could attack Iran in a US court abs even a European one and get billions in compensation.

Thumb _citizen_ 22 April 2022, 16:45

Are you an incorruptible Shia like me by any chance?

Missing un520 22 April 2022, 19:03

And they will continue like this. There is a powder keg in every village in the south, Bekaa and of course in the suburbs of Beirut.

Thumb gebran_sons 22 April 2022, 19:51

No one anymore doubt Lebanon is under Iranian occupation via its militia the criminal Hizbollah organization. Hizbollah with its FPM, Marada and Amal puppets have destroyed Lebanon to make it a base for Iranian rockets. These basij who killed thousands educated in Iran have systematically destroyed our democracy, freedom, culture, justice, education and reputation. We have become a beggar nation exporting terrorism, drugs and captagon. Never have we been more humiliated, weak, living in sickness and poverty, and without hopes. If Shia elects these same thugs they become the enemy of our people, culture and future of our kids. Then a divorce will be inevitable as no one can live with enemies. Hopefully peaceful divorce as in Czechoslovakia but not required as even Yugoslavia model is a better option.

Thumb lebanon_first 23 April 2022, 19:48

Yes. Partition should return to the table

Missing awireless 22 April 2022, 22:46

Hilarious article.

QUOTE: It also said that Iran's intelligence agencies heavily control the ports of Poti and Batumi in Georgia.

We all know that Azerbaijan and Georgia are friend of the US and anti Russia, Armenia and Iran. Azerbaijan also has a good relationship with Israel and purchase weapons and drone from them.

So, are you telling that the government of Georgia with 90% greek orthodox are controlled by Iranian intelligence. I am amazed how good are the Iranians.
They should be flattered. A world super power with intelligence way more advanced than the Isafelis and American intelligence . Kudos to Iran! Lol...

Thumb Puppet 23 April 2022, 01:43

I have the utmost respect for Mrs. awireless for its appreciation of the humor contained in this article.

Thumb sevilla 23 April 2022, 04:13

Yeah hilarious! Iran accused of sponsoring terrorism... hilarious:)

Thumb gebran_sons 25 April 2022, 19:24

Correct, we'll have to lock all traitors and corrupts in prison. But Lebanon should be peacefully divided into two sovereign states: New Lebanon and Hizbollahstan. HizbIran had already created a community foreign to Lebanese culture, traditions, history and values. They have become Lebanon's enemy including anyone voting for this occupying force. Just look at Ukraine, there were times were people could have different perspectives on Russia considering 25% have Russian heritage. Now anyone siding with Russia is a traitor to Ukrainians. So we should view those who vote for Hizb in Lebanon. As to Shia opposition, specially true followers of Imam Moussa Saddr, they are welcomed as honored citizens of New Lebanon.