Jumblat says it's time to dismiss 'wanderer' Fayyad


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat asked Saturday for the dismissal of Energy Minister Walid Fayyad.

In a tweet Jumblat said "it is time to dismiss the minister", sarcastically accusing him of wandering through capitals, restaurants and nightclubs.

The PSP chief said the ministry is ruled by the Free Patriotic Movement party, slamming the presidency and the "son-in-law," FPM chief Jebran Bassil.

"Isn't it time for the Prime Minister to reveal that there won't be any Jordanian electricity or any World Bank funding, unless a radical reform is made at the ministry of energy," Jumblat asked.

The World Bank still hasn't financed a Lebanon’s U.S.-backed plan for importing gas and electricity from Egypt and Jordan via Syria.

"It is still studying the plan’s political feasibility," Fayyad said, adding that “the ball is now in the court of the U.S. administration and the bank.”

Meanwhile, the cash-strapped state is struggling to purchase fuel for its power stations.

With state power effectively non-existent, many rely on private generators, but prices have increased after the government lifted fuel subsidies.

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Missing awireless 23 April 2022, 14:20

Mr. Jumpalot,

When your ambassador not too long ago promised to bring electricity to lebanon through Jordan snd gas via Egyptian, she did not say it was contigent on the world bank's approval. It was rather conditional on US giving permission to Egypt export gas through Syria exempting it from Cesar sanctions.

Lebanon is already exporting furl snd gas. However, it will be much cheaper through the pipeline.

You already know that is a political game before the election. If the plan is approved before the elections, then you will lose big time.
Only people in lebanon and around the world suffer from the US behavior. Poor lebanese.

Thumb doodle-dude 23 April 2022, 15:15

But you live in America:) poor Americans

Missing awireless 23 April 2022, 20:21

You think so? I live in Canada. They are lucky to have me.

Missing 5-7doud 23 April 2022, 22:36

Canada is reputed to produce comedians.

Missing 5-7doud 23 April 2022, 22:25

"Walid Fayad, Lebanon's energy minister, said the deal would not come into effect immediately as the government was still working with the World Bank to finalise financing arrangements, the details of which should be clear in two months."


Missing singldad 24 April 2022, 21:10

awireless.... do not cross the Southern border. stay on your side for we do not need hypocrites like you.

Missing awireless 24 April 2022, 21:17

I pay my taxes and respect the law. My marginal tax rate is 52% well enough yo feed two family. Typical racist.

Missing sanctify 23 April 2022, 22:41

Says the totally corrupt Lebanese warlord.

Missing sanctify 24 April 2022, 09:35

Typical Lebanese mentality and the sick logic of the herd. If you criticize one it means you belong to an opposite camp.
The story was about Jumblat but in my opinion and since you bring up Berri and Bassil, Berri is equally or more corrupt than Jumblat and Bassil is trying to catch up with them at a good pace only because he was a little late for the show.

Missing awireless 24 April 2022, 21:25

I agree Berri and many others are corrupt whether directly or indirectly covering for corrupts. However, the whole blame is on the lebanese system that nurtures corruption through confessional.

Through, all this campaign, I have no heard of a single party or movement talks about the no.1. Annuling confessionalism at the state level so that we can be free. All are corrupt whether financially or mentally. PERIOD!

Thumb thepatriot 25 April 2022, 14:23

Cancelling confessionalism is impossible as long as one secterian militia has weapons. This would take us straight to civil war.
Many of us look forward to a secular system in Lebanon, but it is impossible under those conditions.