Harb: Should Suleiman and Miqati Form One-Sided Government then We Will Become the Opposition


Caretaker Labor Minister Butros Harb stated on Wednesday that the March 14 camp will become the opposition in Lebanon should President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati approve the formation of a one-sided government.

He told Tele Liban: “Should they choose against such a decision, then they should find a way to establish a national unity government.”

He said that the March 14 forces will cooperate with a moderate government, “but if a government with provocative figures is formed … then we have a weapon, which is the people.”

“President Suleiman knows what he should do and he has privileges and responsibilities,” Harb added.

Furthermore, the minister said: “The March 14 forces are still ready to present blood for Lebanon’s sovereignty and freedom … our battle was against the arms possession and we want all arms in Lebanon to be controlled by one authority.”

“When the majority shifted to the other camp, we were ready and are still prepared to deal with the government based on what is suitable to us and today the premier-designate is being subject to pressure by the sides that appointed him and the March 14 camp is committed to the democratic game,” he continued.

“We thought that it was necessary to give Miqati a chance and he was receptive, but he officially announced that he will only commit to protecting the Resistance,” Harb revealed.

Protecting the resistance could be from Israel or from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, he added.

“There can be no sound rule in Lebanon in light of illegitimate weapons and we are counting on the national dialogue to resolve this issue,” the minister noted.

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