Hizbullah Will Defend Syrian Regime Even at Price of Sparking War with Israel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanon must not hesitate in supporting the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, because backing it has major “strategic and fateful” repercussions, sources close to Hizbullah told the Kuwaiti al-Rai newspaper in remarks published on Sunday.

They said: “Hizbullah will not allow the fall of the Assad regime even if it means launching a war with Israel.”

This position echoed Israeli fears that a war with the party may be ignited in order to divert attention from the current developments in Syria, said the newspaper.

The Israeli leadership is mulling “the need to issue an open threat to Hizbullah as part of a wider strategy adopted by the Israeli government.”

“This strategy aims at deterring Hizbullah and Iran from carrying out any attack against Israeli targets,” stated several sources, including the Jerusalem Post.

The Hizbullah sources did not rule out the possibility of “surprises emerging, aimed at turning attention away from the Syrian crisis.”

“Should such a surprise take place, it would shift the international community’s priorities in the region,” they stressed.

On January 14, Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah said that Lebanon should disavow itself from developments in Syria as the crisis will have negative repercussions on the situation locally.

“We call on the Syrian opposition to abide by Assad’s demands to engage in dialogue and cooperate with him to introduce reform that would resolve the country’s problems,” he stated.

During a speech in December, he voiced his support for the Syrian regime, while saying that his party backs reform and efforts to eradicate corruption in the neighboring country.

Nasrallah stressed, however, that “some people want to destroy Syria,” they reject dialogue, and they seek to “compensate their loss in Iraq.”

The Hizbullah chief accused the West of seeking to bring a new regime in Syria that would be disloyal to Arabs.

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Default-user-icon Rami (Guest) 05 February 2012, 11:05

This is called true Nationalism. Putting your masters interests before your own country.
Real filth, the so called resistance... Are they Lebanese?

Thumb Chupachups 05 February 2012, 11:08

The Lebanese People Will Defend Lebanon Even at Price of Sparking War with Hezbollah.

Missing hmorsel 05 February 2012, 19:39

unfortunatly you are wrong New_guy, the lebanese people WILL not defend Lebanon, we all know what happened when Hisbollah attacked everyone in 2008, everyone ran and hid except for the Druze, and that's when Jumblatt realized that he was going to stand up to HA by himself and changed asociations. The christians and sunnis were cowards they simply ran and hid. and the same thing will happen this time. Guarranteed

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 05 February 2012, 20:19

hmorsel the only reason the Sunnis & Christians didn't fight in 2008 was only to avoid a civil war in Lebanon. Don't think for a sec that you Sunnis, Christians, Druz and some Shiias can wage a war and disarm HA. the only way is through national dialogue.

Thumb Chupachups 06 February 2012, 02:25

National dialogue does not work with Hezbollah, they continually repeat they will never be disarmed... why are they so stubborn.

Default-user-icon Elias (Guest) 06 February 2012, 23:50

what you are saying is not true. The Sunnies and Christians did not fight because they knew that Hizbollah could start a war but can never achieve anything out of it. they can take over beirut but then what? they have to pull out again. Unfortunatly Walid beik did not read correctly at the time and made two mistakes the first one when he fought and the second when he decided to suck up to Syria and Hizbullah.

Thumb joesikemrex 05 February 2012, 11:35

We know you are traitors, and will defend Syria and Iran over Lebanon. We will get get rid of you, we will become the real lebanese resistance and you will routed from the sewers. You are Nothing but criminals, thieves, drug dealers, and TRAITORS.

Thumb jcamerican 05 February 2012, 11:47

I guess the Kuwaitis are better informed than the lebanese media.

Thumb shab 05 February 2012, 12:22

Let it be, but it will be the end of Syria and the filthy militia. This time we're not going to be passive. Time to clean house.

Thumb jcamerican 05 February 2012, 12:40

shab, are you confused? This is hizballah banner you have. Maybe you meant that you are tough as they are. Shoe hal shab.

Thumb shab 05 February 2012, 14:08

You must be new. Everybody here knows my position toward the filthy militia.
Look closer at my avatar. If you hold a driving license, you will understand.

Thumb jcamerican 06 February 2012, 18:31

Your position is dropping down and picking up the soap when it cones to the hizballah.

Missing people-power 05 February 2012, 12:41

So funny to see the Iranian propagandists defending Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah 24/7 on a M14-leaning website. Yes, we're supposed to believe that you do this just for "fun". Right. Cookie, you must have a pretty sad life to accept a lame job like this. Your co-workers Jabalamel and Bigdig should be showing up soon.

Do they pay you per comment? Or are you paid hourly?

Thumb rover98 05 February 2012, 13:56

The Alawi Shia think they cant subjugate the Sunni majority in Lebanon and Syria forever.

Default-user-icon Nuff Said (Guest) 05 February 2012, 14:28

Hizbullah will do what Qassem Suleimani tells them to do no questions asked, even if that means burning Lebanon to fine Ash.

Thumb jcamerican 06 February 2012, 18:34

LF did exactly what Israel told them. This is why half of them went homeless.

Missing peace 05 February 2012, 14:40

didn t hezbollah always claimed that their weapons were only used to defend lebanon? so they are not going to help bashar because they only care about lebanon, right? lol

Default-user-icon Anonymous TX USA (Guest) 05 February 2012, 16:30

In 2006 - Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier in Gaza. Israel launched attacks against Gaza
3 weeks into the attacks on Gaza - the Iranians asked Nasrallah to enflame the Lebanese front to alleviate the pressure on Hamas in Gaza. Nasrallah abided & and launched the attack against the israeli patrol & took the bodies of two - triggering the devastating 2006 war on Lebanon.
If Hizbullah triggered a war just for the sake of helping Hamas. It would not be a surprise if they did so to help Bashar.

Thumb jabalamel 05 February 2012, 16:32

the filthy zionist information war department is hallucinating about sunni being majority in lebanon.

also they hallucinate something about our glorious resistance doing something in syria.

Default-user-icon Jean Damark (Guest) 05 February 2012, 16:33

It's good to see people uniting to stop US/Israeli aggression. Now they need to rollback the US presence from their region -- one facility at a time. It's the only way to avoid a future WW3.

After they stop Washington's state-sponsored-terror, maybe they can help to bring these war criminals to trial for their very real crimes against humanity.

Missing peace 05 February 2012, 16:34

hafez el assad ya cookie promised aoun the presidency but at the last moment didn t keep his promise. after a syro american deal with the us envoy richard murphy in damascus, they chose another one!
aoun in revenge and feeling betrayed launched what you call the "liberation war" which was in fact a revenge war...
nothing noble in this war then.... :)

Missing peace 05 February 2012, 16:36


Thumb jabalamel 05 February 2012, 16:43

the filthy zionist information war department (shab) is talking about filty militia, which means his own genocidal zionist militia.

and on the other hand he has the flag of our glorious resistance crossed like he doesn't like our glorious resistance.

that is another proof of how shyzophrenic they are. they hate our glorious resistance, but they are aware how filthy they are.

Missing ayoor 05 February 2012, 17:19

yes we hate you terorists habal and amal and hassouni

Missing ayoor 05 February 2012, 17:19

we dont want you in our country you can return to syria and iran habal & co

Missing realist 05 February 2012, 18:14

Habal Amel, it was the fundamentalist sunis who freed iraq and cost the americans thousands of lives, this is a fact and you and your nasrala (who does not have grade 12 education) can go sell your bullshit somewhere else, maliki came to power on american tanks and he is not a "mumani3" but rather a classic case of 3ameel. As for the "war with israel", there will be no war and this is all bullshit propaganda, where would 1 million southern people go this time?? to syria?! akeed 3am timza7. Hizbala is not suicidal, it will sit back, cut the losses, re-adjust. There will ne no war with anyone, war is not a joke and the hizzies no that full well "لو كنت أعلم"

Missing realist 05 February 2012, 18:18

The party who sends a top notch israeli agent, FAYEZ KARAM, to only two years of jail?!!? and tries to assasinate the person who caught karam, wisam hassan, is not interested in a war with israel. Their real enemy is the syrian/lebanese sunis, this is the truth and people better be frank about it from now on. The nasralah who stands with the syrian regime massacaring the sunis knows who his real enemy is. Israel/iran/hizzie/bashar are tacit allies when it comes to the sunis, that is really the truth.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 05 February 2012, 18:51

what other option hassoun has???????????

Thumb Chupachups 06 February 2012, 14:36

stay in the rat hole his entire life?

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 05 February 2012, 19:03

@ Realist, you are right a 100%, Hezbollah's dream was never to invade Israel, its goal is Lebanon and has always been Lebanon. If you think about it clearly, State within a state, electrical power 24/24, Telecommunication lines. The only thing they needed was the legal power and they now have it thanks to Aoun. Since they have everything and the governement supports them, What are they waiting to liberate Shebaa farms? bunch of cowards and liars. They want to destroy the sunnis in Lebanon by removing Ashraf Rifi and Hassan which are the only men still capable of standing in the way of Hezb mini-state. And you are right, this time is not like in 2006, after 2008, the sunnite will never ever let the chiite come hide in their neighboorhoods, or the druze. This is why Hezb has been so close to Bkirki those last months, they are preparing in case they need to hide their people in the christian neighboorhoods.

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 05 February 2012, 19:09

It really does not matter whether it is true that Hezbollah will commite mass suicide by launching an attack on Israel to "divert" attention from Syria. Personally I think this is bogus. The Israelis have been waiting for some casus belli to occur to justify its taking out Hezbollah and its rockets. This is a necessary precursor to Israel going after Iran, an act for which it is deterred by Hezbollah rockets aimed at it.
This story is about like the story of a person holding another hostage with the police outside the door. The hostage taker screams: "Leave or else I will take my gun and shoot myself!!"

Missing hmorsel 05 February 2012, 19:43

typical, lets always blame everyone else for our problems, its always isreal and the US. wake up people, we are the holders of our own destinies. stop blaming and start thinking...

Missing hmorsel 05 February 2012, 19:47

Hisballah is a unit in the Iranian revolutionaty guard its been proven, its a fact, so please, use common sense and some intelligence and stop fooling yourselves that they are a LEBANESE RESISTANCE. What are they resisting? why didnt they resist the Palestinians and the syrians when they wrecked havoc in our country. because they are not interested, they are here to implement the orders of their Khomeiny in iran..

Default-user-icon Enough (Guest) 05 February 2012, 20:22

The only "negative repercussions" of the Syrian people bringing down the dictator will fall on Hezbollah. Who is so blind or so stupid as to defend the Syrain goverment. Hezbollah is nothing more then a occupying army, a destabilizing force... Always threatening.

If you are so eager to fit for the goverments of Syria and Iran, why don't you go live there and let the Lebanese be!

Thumb shab 05 February 2012, 20:42

What is the future for the Alawis in Syria`
And the Shiite that sided with the Persian militia ?
Only hope is they join the Lebanese Amal movement

Thumb jabalamel 05 February 2012, 20:59

the filthy zionist information war department is worried for allawites in syira and some other usual repeating hallucinations.

also, they also want to talk to me, not realizing that that they are little worms and man do not speak to worms

Default-user-icon Enough (Guest) 05 February 2012, 21:11

Jabalamel, you are not a man. You are a cartoon character... And you are not even much good at that.

Default-user-icon Enough (Guest) 05 February 2012, 21:21

"soon this site will 'lean' where it should: lebanon"... So cookie you now speak for Lebanon?

Missing peace 05 February 2012, 21:38

you don t speak to worms because they are more intelligent that you ll ever be....

Missing peace 05 February 2012, 23:37

poor flame... you only deserve pity... no revisionism in that, you just don t want to see who your puppet really is... the one that said that syria is a terrorist regime and now you claim it is not, the one that said that syria killed hariri but now you say it s israel... the one that went to the USA to ask for sanctions against syria, but now you protect this country and we can go on except if aoun was lying for 15 years...

i only see one revisionist suffering from alzheimer and it is you...

but i won t blame you, that s how extremists are, always right and the whole world is wrong and plotting... nothing new under the sun even if you say the contrary, history speaks against you...

Default-user-icon citizen_x (Guest) 05 February 2012, 23:57

lunching a war with israel????and who will suffer after?how many mothers will cry for their dead sons?how many wives will mourn for their dead husbands?how many children will grow orphans?if this is your option mr.nasrallah,,,,start packing your weapons and your thugs and take a trip of no return to syria.from there,,you can lunch a war of no name with anyone you wish.

Missing peace 06 February 2012, 00:03

flame thrower : the one changing names like aoun his point of views... always trying to imitate his master!

Thumb anonymouslb 06 February 2012, 00:37

Continuez à vous disputer pour un général à moitié fou et un faux médecin illuminé... Continuez et vous ne vous rendrez même pas compte que votre pays aura cessé d'exister...

Thumb anonymouslb 06 February 2012, 00:44

Stop loosing your time discussing about war criminals (Orangina and Lady Geagea) They only brought misery and destruction upon us, don't you see they feed upon your divisions? Unite, make them fade and your future will only be bright...

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 06 February 2012, 00:49

It is interesting how the Zionist commentators here ( and I am not including peace, Marc, and a few others) always are overjoyed when Lebanese and Arabs are killing each other. They cheered Saddam's invasion of Kuwait and the US invasion of Iraq. How long do you think that the Terrorist Israeli state is going to survive by divide and Conquer? Just like the Shia in Iraq and Lebanon are united, the Sunni majority will unite and will first get rid of ALL the Sunni America/Israeli puppets. Again, for the Israeli enemy and their Lebanese & Arab puppets...be very careful what you wish for. The Taliban and other Sunni Islamists were friends of America and the kings..they can easily turn against you and unite like the Shia.

Thumb jabalamel 06 February 2012, 03:25

the filthy zionist information war department is hallucinating about worms being smarter than us lebanese, because it's proven that worms are smarter than them

Default-user-icon guest (Guest) 06 May 2013, 13:24

if yor a true HA supporter (or employee) try to elevate the debate a bit; right now it stinks! :-)

Missing bouzik 06 February 2012, 09:03

the filthy zionist information war department: dear jabal l dawra, get a life!

Default-user-icon Kamall (Guest) 06 February 2012, 10:39

Nabih Berri wont let them move the way they want this time...the guys are toast and their arms will soon roast..mark my words...they are barking terrier thinking he is a Doberman.
with Assad down they are going straight down with him.

Default-user-icon hanna (Guest) 06 February 2012, 10:49

flame, that is not insulting your parents...that is insulting you...
As no one is questing the pleasure part of your reproduction, nor carriers. however the result is being questioned...
And sadly reading you on this board makes me understand his point...

Thumb jcamerican 06 February 2012, 18:48

He is nobody. LF have nothing. Israel couldn't defeat Hizballah with all their weapons, you think gaga and his brainless followers with some old guns can make something.

Thumb jcamerican 06 February 2012, 18:50

Ask him too about Tabarja Beach.

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 06 February 2012, 19:12

Just some notes regarding 18 September 2003 testimony to House Sub Committee on Int. Relations from the PDF posted above.
Note - these are all quotes directly from Aoun.

1. "One cannot rationally disassociate the Syrian regime from terrorism. Syria provides safe haven for a myriad of terrorist organisations, directs their operations..."
What has changed in this regard. why is Aoun now against Lebanese factions, yet says very little regarding the terrorist factions accross the country.
Why is he now ignoring the PLFP who are still armed, and have their training camps in the bekaa.

2. "the cladestine nature of these regimes and organisations would allow them to quickly and easily restructure and reemerge under completely new aliases..."
Doesn't this very statment raise any red flags to the Aounies regarding nahr el bared, and the fateh el islam?
Where did Shaker al Absi come from?

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 06 February 2012, 19:13

3. "the only effective and permanant way to reverse the spread of fundamentalism is not to choose dictatorship over fundamentalism, it is rather to provide a third alternative - democracy.."
Why has Aoun done a complete 180 degree turn regarding this statement?
why is he so supportive of Assad and Hizbollah - a dictatorship and a fundamentalist religious group?

4. "Since the Syrian regime directly intervened in Lebanon, it has consistently incited the Lebanese against each other at every level..."
What has changed - why is Aoun allowing himself and his followers to be incited?

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 06 February 2012, 19:13

5. "following a Syrian withdrawal, it is quite conceivable that the Syrian regime ill leave behind many of it's instruments of terror and destruction as well as it's paramilitary/intelligence apparatus, Therefore it is imperative that any Syrian withdrawal be accompanied by a complete disarrarmament of all armed elements."
Isn't this what the March 14 camp had to fight with for the last 5 years, including all the terrorist bombings, the assasinations, the killings.
I'm not asking Aoun or his followers to blindly accuse Syria of involvement in these attacks/assasinations, but doesn't his very statment point the finger in a certain direction.
Why is Aoun so quick to exonerate Syria of all wrongdoing?
Why is Aoun so willing to forgive Syria, and disregard what is happening in the country.

Answer these questions rationally and logically

Missing mmm3 06 February 2012, 23:19

It is time to clean house....the Lebanese people deserve better.

Default-user-icon saladin (Guest) 13 June 2012, 12:44

there was no such thing as lebanon before 1918.lebanon is syrian land and the present day inhabitants are syrias tenants,Its only a matter of time before lebanon is returned to syria.

Missing helicopter 13 June 2012, 17:33

Salad in your brain

Default-user-icon El Nimer (Guest) 14 June 2012, 08:42

What goes around comes around. Now its Syria's turn.

Thumb thepatriot 13 June 2012, 14:02

Lebanon is mentioned 71 times in the bible you heretic!

Default-user-icon El Nimer (Guest) 14 June 2012, 08:37

It looks like Syria might become part of Greater Lebanon