Bassil hits out at LF for losing Bsharri seat


Free Patriotic Movement Jebran Bassil has hit out at the Lebanese Forces after they lost a seat in Bsharri, the stronghold of the LF and Samir Geagea's hometown.

The LF lost the expected seat to William Tawk, a Marada-allied candidate, after having said they won at least 20 seats, which makes them the largest Christian bloc in the new Parliament at the expense of the FPM.

As the ministry of interior announced the final results, the LF secured a total of 19 seats, an increase of 4 seats from the previous vote, while the FPM won 18 with a drop of two seats from the previous vote. The FPM's bloc may however grow to 21 seats if it allies with the 3 MPs of the Tashnag party.

Bassil who had maintained his seat in his hometown, Batroun, said in a tweet that he "stands tall" and "holds his head high" in Batroun and all over Lebanon, while the LF are "stumbling" in Bsharri.

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Missing cedars 17 May 2022, 13:38

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Thumb 17 May 2022, 14:39

"Bassil said in a tweet that he "stands tall" and "holds his head high" ".

Mashalah… what a proud midget.

Thumb EagleDawn 17 May 2022, 15:37

How tall can a man stand if he is 145 cm in height?

Thumb 17 May 2022, 19:40

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