Marking Liberation Day, Aoun says 'only unity can rescue Lebanon'


President Michel Aoun on Wednesday marked 22 years since Israel’s withdrawal from the South by urging “unity” among the Lebanese.

“On Liberation Day, we reaffirm the impact of our people’s will, which set the ground on fire under the feet of the occupier,” Aoun said in a tweet.

“Only unity confronted the enemy’s oppression and war machine and only unity can rescue Lebanon today,” the President added.

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Thumb lebanon_first 25 May 2022, 17:50

I prefer to be under the French. Even under the Israelis then under the Iranians evil milicia

Thumb gebran_sons 25 May 2022, 19:32

It is ironic that post elections, it is obvious for all that the only thing preventing Lebanon from restoring sovereignty, demarcating and controlling borders, finalizing status of Shebaa Farms and disarming all militias and refugee camps is Aoun/Bassil MPs. There is an absolute majority in parliament to restore independence, sovereignty and prosperity if FPM MPs vote for Lebanon and the future of its kids. Otherwise, they will forever be known as traitors and Judas who sold our freedom and dignity to the Basij for 30 pieces of silver.

Thumb thepatriot 26 May 2022, 13:04

The "occupier" is the Iranian Regime!