Army halts fight between FPM, LF supportes at LU Faculty of Law


A fight broke out Wednesday between supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement and supporters of the Lebanese forces at the Lebanese University.

The Lebanese army intervened to stop the fight that had started yesterday between the students over displaying portraits of certain politicians.

The fight took place on the campus of the second branch of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences.

Three students were arrested, while others managed to run away.

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Missing singldad 01 June 2022, 17:10

if it was the brown shirts of Amal or Hizbalshaytan, the army wouldn't have intervened. tfeh

Missing cedars 02 June 2022, 13:49

If it sulamni pictures the heroes and the fpm would have removed the pictures?

Missing cedars 02 June 2022, 13:49