Report: Lebanon insisting on Line 23 and entire Qana field


No written response has been prepared for U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein’s proposal and Lebanon will voice its remarks orally, Presidency sources said.

“We’re the ones who decide whether we will later submit a written response or not, seeing as this is a Lebanese decision and it is not for him to dictate on us what to do,” the sources added, in remarks to LBCI television.

The sources, however, noted that “Lebanon is willing to facilitate Hochstein’s shuttle mission, if he is an impartial mediator, based on the framework agreement.”

LBCI also reported that Lebanon is insisting on offshore Line 23 “with a deviation that grants Lebanon the entire Qana field.”

A member of the Lebanese negotiating team, who requested anonymity, meanwhile told the TV channel that “no one can get 100% of their rights.”

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Missing phillipo 11 June 2022, 21:41

So exactly how can Lebanon state that it wants to renew the mediation with Israel when the first statement out of the leaders mouth is "Lebanon insisting on Line 23 and entire Qana field", when others are saying line 29.
Make up your minds before you start negociations, not demands.

Default-user-icon David Riddington (Guest) 12 June 2022, 00:39

Oh yes, an oil field will bring in more money for the thieving politicians.

Missing un520 12 June 2022, 13:02

It is also funny when they write/speak about the "Qana field". Its just a prospect that may contain producible hydrocarbons. It may also just contain non-producable hydrocarbons because of poor reservoir-quality, something that is not unusual. Most often, such prospects turns out to be just water-filled. So, before they start a war...