Raad: PM-designate, 'while not a saint', must recognize 'resistance national role'


Hizbollah MP Mohammed Raad said Monday that the new PM will surely not be a saint but he must be pragmatic and he must "understand the importance of the resistance."

"Hizbollah has no illusion that the new PM will be a saint or an angel," Raad said, adding that the new PM "must be open to realistic solutions and at the same time must know the importance of the resistance in protecting the country and its crucial national role for Lebanon and the Lebanese."

Raad went on to say that the current phase requires hard and daring, yet fair decisions, precision and foresight.

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Thumb ex-fpm 20 June 2022, 12:32

Raad: PM-designate, 'while not a saint', must recognize 'resistance national role'

We all do Mr. Raad, we all do. Your national role has been one of destruction, subordination to Iran, starting wars across the globe, manufacturing and dealing drugs, smuggling, undermining the state and its institutions, and finally your most acknowledged national role has been bankrupting the country.

Thumb i.report 20 June 2022, 15:55

LoL at the Saints….

Missing samiam 20 June 2022, 16:08

'National role' of smuggling, drug running, assassinations for hire, and even for blowing up ports.

Thumb gebran_sons 20 June 2022, 18:10

Are we living in a parallel universe where all sovereign MPs are wimps if not traitors. How much more would they allow our sovereignty and democracy to go to hell under their watch. How elections can be certified when Hizbollah on national TV admitted it has 100,000 combatants funded and mercenary to Iran. How can they be deaf silent when Hizbollah assassins are proven guilty by international court of assassinating Hariri and by extension hundreds from M14 martyrs to Lukaim Slim. But the elephant in the room is how the duo basij won all shia MPs (weird duo assuming basij would have certainly killed Imam Sadr as they killed thousands of reformists in Iran) and Lebanon still one country. The Duo Basij are a mortal threat to Lebanon’s democracy, freedom, justice and dignity and its it time for Lebanon to be independent from Hizbollastan, an enemy country. Time for a referendum!

Missing HellAndWaite 20 June 2022, 22:21

"Resistance" is a lie

Raad is a liar. He speaks on behalf of other liars.