Aoun affirms timely consultations, backs PM who can tackle financial crisis


President Michel Aoun has affirmed that the binding consultations to choose a Prime Minister will be held on Thursday, as scheduled.

He said in a press interview published on Tuesday that he will respect the MPs' choice, as he expressed his worry about appointing a PM who is not supported by a great majority, who doesn't have the consensus of his sect or lacks conformity to the National Pact.

"We want a PM who has experience and professionalism in dealing with the economic and financial crisis," Aoun said.

He added that he supports a balanced political government of national unity.

As for the presidential election, Aoun assured that it will be held on time, promising that the forensic audit will be concluded during his term as President and will be announced from Baabda.

"I have never been weak, but I'm disgusted," Aoun told the daily, when asked about his last months as President.

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Thumb ___flamethrower___ 21 June 2022, 12:39

Best President, ever!

Thumb marcus 21 June 2022, 14:54

Please, die!

Missing samiam 21 June 2022, 17:50

"I have never been weak, but I'm disgusted," Aoun told the daily

I really don't know how to respond to this....

Thumb gebran_sons 21 June 2022, 18:17

Nations can calculate with great accuracy the impact of minor interest rate increase or increase in inflation rate on economy. What about the mammoth increases caused by Hizb and Duo? From Hariri assassination by Hizbollah, Hizb induced exodus of all good paying foreign firms, Shia duo blockage for 2 years of parliament that evaporated trust in Lebanese economy and bankrupted downtown Beirut, political isolation and instability due to HizbIran Basij criminal mercenaries skyrocketing interest rate, etc... Hizbollah The cost to our economy is in the hundreds of $billions in evaporating growth and investment and 99% responsible for our road to hell. Where are the government risk analysis? This is the root of our financial crisis and time to expose fully it!

Thumb 21 June 2022, 19:09

One may ask where’s is the poshest nursing home in Lebanon. The answer is evidently the Baabda presidential palace.