Geagea says LF won't nominate anyone for PM-designate post


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea announced Wednesday that the LF-led Strong Republic bloc will not nominate any figure in Thursday’s binding parliamentary consultations to name a PM-designate.

Speaking after a meeting for the bloc, Geagea said Strong Republic will not nominate Najib Mikati nor Nawaf Salam for the post, seeing as they do not meet the “characteristics” that the LF wants the new PM to enjoy.

“We were the first to name Judge Nawaf Salam” in the previous consultations, “but ever since I have not sensed that he has a serious intention to assume responsibility, seeing as he is outside Lebanon,” Geagea said.

“How can a major bloc name a certain figure and fight its battle for the premiership if it does not know whether he has the will and desire,” the LF leader added.

“We only hear about Judge Salam but we have never heard from him in person and we have no idea about his approach towards things and his stances,” Geagea went on to say.

“We have no idea about what he wants to achieve and there is no communication between us,” the LF leader added.

He also said that his party has not seen “consensus among the opposition camp over Nawaf Salam’s nomination.”

“As long as President (Michel) Aoun is in the Baabda Palace, no one will be able to work, that’s why based on all of these factors we will not nominate Nawaf Salam,” Geagea added.

Turning to Mikati’s candidacy, the LF leader acknowledged that Mikati “exerted great efforts” to organize the parliamentary elections on time, but added that he does not enjoy the “characteristics” that the LF wants to see in the country’s next premier.

“He is seeking to form a national unity government, and based on this we cannot name Mikati,” Geagea added.

As for the possibility of nominating other candidates, the LF leader said: “We can find many names and there are a lot of competent figures in the Sunni community, but what is the use from naming a figure that does not enjoy a majority of votes? We don’t want showoffs.”

Asked whether the LF will take part in the new government, Geagea said he believes that no government will be formed during the remaining months in Aoun’s tenure. He added that the LF will also not take part in any “flawed government.”

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Thumb gebran_sons 23 June 2022, 00:32

Good choice! However, no need to criticize Nawaf Salam whom we respect. What is critical is for all sovereign MPs not to participate in any government not putting full sovereignty and restriction of arms with army in top gov statement. Hizb will only be using them as a cover to get Gulf and Western aid. A cover that will extend a lifeline to this criminal organization that is 99% responsible for taking Lebanon and its people to hell, isolation, oppression, humiliation, insecurity and total destitution. No recovery in Lebanon as long as one single Iranian rocket remain on our land, until Lebanon no longer a nation hostage to the basij.