Mikati expected to submit 'balanced' govt. line-up within a week


Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati is expected to submit a “balanced” cabinet line-up to President Michel Aoun “within a week at the latest,” political sources said.

“The PM-designate intends to speed up the process of forming the new government, despite all the obstruction attempts no matter where they may come from, and he will reject any conditions or unrealistic, crippling demands,” the sources told al-Liwaa newspaper in remarks published Friday.

“The expected line-up takes into consideration the requirements of the difficult and complicated period and how to deal with it. It also takes into account citizens’ daily needs and demands and the revival of state’s crumbling institutions,” the sources added.

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Thumb justin 24 June 2022, 17:10

I am sure it will be a government of 'independent experts'-:)