Berri: We're going to Naqoura and we may get more than Line 29


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Tuesday said that “the framework agreement which they are trying to disavow does not talk about lines, but rather about demarcation and indirect negotiations in Naqoura” with the Israelis.

“We agreed during the Baabda meeting with the President and the prime minister to go to Naqoura according to the framework agreement and we might get more than Line 29,” Berri said in parliament.

“We did not talk about lines. We are awaiting the arrival of the U.S. mediator within days and we’re going to Naqoura. This was also discussed by the Development (and Liberation) bloc and we are committed to this matter,” the Speaker added.

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Missing HellAndWaite 26 July 2022, 22:22

.. but does anyone know how to say "Yes"? Sounds as if we've been living among Persians and Palestinians too long

Thumb 27 July 2022, 00:14

Apparently the Maameltein hooters doing catwalks and more in the parliament know how to say “oh yesss” for a fee.