Geagea urges opposition MPs to unite on next President name


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea called Monday the 67 MPs who are not supporters of the so-called Axis of defiance to cooperate in order to select a candidate for Presidency.

Geagea considered that "any reform plan must start with the election of a new President."

He urged the opposition MPs to communicate together in order to make a successful change, as he mentioned that they had failed in past events to make a change because of their lack of coordination.

Geagea had last week accused Hezbollah and its allies, the Free Patriotic Movement and President Michel Aoun, of being the root cause of the crisis in Lebanon.

He said he will oppose the election of a March 8 President or the election of a "consensual President", calling the opposition MPs for intensive consultations in order to agree on a sovereign and reformist President.

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