Aoun: Major progress in border talks, corruption battle must continue


President Michel Aoun on Wednesday stressed that Lebanon is “clinging to its rights to its waters and natural resources.”

“It has made major progress in the negotiations to demarcate the southern maritime border, which will continue in order to reach an agreement under the sponsorship of the U.N. and with the mediation of the United States,” Aoun said.

Separately, the President said “the battle against corruption must continue in parallel with the forensic audit into the central bank’s accounts, because there is a group that has looted this country and impoverished its people.”

“It is unacceptable to leave it without accountability and punishment, and the pillars of this group are protecting each other and at the same time obstructing every reformist process,” Aoun went on to say.

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Thumb sevilla 10 August 2022, 19:56

Any hope of fighting corruption will only start after you meet Skeletor and your son in law is locked up or killed.

Thumb 10 August 2022, 21:26

Locked up means the State has to feed him, pay for his medicine and keep him warm in winter time. Let’s go for the rope for him and his children.

Thumb justice 10 August 2022, 22:03

He and his allies have had the majority in parliament and in every government formed for at least the last 6 years. Yet, he is talking about the 'other' group who did not allow him to enforce reforms and fight corruption.

Execute him and make an example of him.

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 10 August 2022, 23:49

What do you mean "the battle against corruption must continue"? When the hell did it start and why wasn't I informed of this development! LOL
I remember when the decomposing president, deserter and turncoat hand picked, something called Nicolas Tueni as anti corruption minister in Hariri's second government. He found none. Seriously, blindfold a blind man standing with his back to a random small crowd anywhere in Lebanon and have him throw a tiny pebble, he's sure to hit at least a dozen corrupt individuals. And the genius, in his two years tenure, couldn't even find one corrupt individual in this whole courtly, not a one!

Missing samiam 11 August 2022, 10:00

Amazing how an audit hasn't been done on the MoE and how he hasn't brought that up (or the people that publish his press releases). Also, contrary to one of his minions, the only tears that will be shed when he leaves will be tears of joy.

Thumb gebran_sons 11 August 2022, 15:55

For Lebanon’s sake, there should be no maritime border demarcation before ending Hizbollah occupation and saying goodbye to worst president in human history. We know how Iran's have used its natural resources to build rockets and tool of oppression, and spread its kiss of death and misery to Shia throughout the region. We know how Aoun presidency was mired in corruption and nepotism, bankrupted Lebanon, raped our independence and dignity with his Faustian deals with HizbIran, made us a beggar and destitute nation, isolated us from our surrounding and stole the future of our kids. Hopefully no border deal before we get rid of them! Better, divide Lebanon in two and give Qana field to Hizbollastan if that guarantee getting rid of this cancer for good!