Aoun, Mikati meet over govt. line-up, ending month-long deadlock


After more than a month of stalemating the Cabinet formation negotiations, Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati and President Michel Aoun met Wednesday in Baabda.

Mikati and Aoun discussed a Cabinet line-up that the PM had submitted in late June.

"There will be another round of talks," Mikati said after the meeting.

A war of statements had erupted between Aoun and Mikati, since the latter handed the President a line-up that was leaked to the press on the same day and that was not convenient to the Free Patriotic Movement who had not named Mikati as a PM. Christian FPM Energy Minister Walid Fayyad was replaced by a Sunni candidate.

Mikati accused the Presidency of leaking the line-up and accused the FPM of obstructing the electricity reforms, while the FPM accused him of corruption and of obstructing the government formation. It said that Cabinet is responsible for the energy crisis, and not the FPM.

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