Geagea rejects presidential 'settlement' with Hezbollah-led camp


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stressed Wednesday that “an understanding or a settlement with the Axis of Defiance over the presidential file is rejected, because it will certainly lead to prolonging the crises that the country is suffering from.”

“The concerns and interests of Hezbollah contradict with the interests of Lebanon the state and the country,” Geagea added, in a meeting in Maarab with Swedish Ambassador to Lebanon Ann Dismorr.

“As for the LF, there are two paths that can be taken: the first is the easiest and faster, which would be a settlement with Hezbollah’s camp, while the second path, which is the more correct one, would be a no settlement,” the LF leader went on to say.

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Thumb gebran_sons 18 August 2022, 05:00

Words with no action... tired of this failed strategy. 2022 elections show a clear path forward that benefit all. Lebanon is now two nations with nothing in common, almost opposing objectives, values, cultures, education and hopes. Let us formalize a peaceful split like in Czechoslovakia: New Lebanon and Hizbollastan. Much better for both nations to reach their potential and goals than this fake union managed by corrupts and leading to inevitable civil war as no occupation is permanent. Diaspora that still care about saving Lebanon soul must take the initiative since not much hope in current leadership. Super capable diaspora can move mountains in no time and if united as all politicians will be powerless midget in comparison, even the basij hallow paper tiger.

Thumb gebran_sons 18 August 2022, 15:50

Split has already happened in every mind and in practice. Czechoslovakia split peacefully so can we. Infinite difference between democracy and Basij occupation by force of arms. South and Bekaa voted 100% for Duo and that's defines Hizbollastan borders. Shia who did not vote for Hizb (over 50%) will be happier to live in Free Lebanon anyway that will then genuinely represent the true Resala and our democratic traditions. Dahie Shia who prefer Hizbollastan will be happy to relocate but no one will be forced out. If they stay, they'll have to live under the democratic rule of the new majority. Hey, Cana gas field can be given to Hizbollastan so they can have more rockets for their thousand year war with Israel. Free Lebanon will be democratic, neutral, no religion on identity, and like Cyprus apply for special relations with Europe if not joining EU

Thumb gebran_sons 18 August 2022, 18:01

It will be interesting if media such Marcel Ghanem can dedicate a show with experts to discuss where Lebanon would be ten years from now under these 2 senarios. First what a national referendum would show given these 2 options. Second, which scenario better represents the aspirations of most people. And finally which scenario lead to better economic, political and social outcome. Cedar Revolution and Iran's Green Revolution are twin and the same. Basij assassinated Green Revolution leaders in Iran and are now occupying Lebanon. They are Lebanon's democracy mortal enemy. Better divide than civil war. Enough delusion. Time for courage!