Bassil says rivals 'lost their mind' after his visit to al-Rahi


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Thursday accused political rivals of giving up Christian rights and said they “lost their mind” when he visited Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi to seek “consensus” over the next president.

“Without making a concession over representation, we have said that we might cede it to a person on whom we can agree to prevent (presidential) vacuum,” Bassil said in a video he posted on Twitter.

“Our crime is that we visited the patriarch, because through his position he can work on this consensus,” he added.

Slamming rivals as “devils,” he accused them of giving up Christian “rights.”

“We will not give up the rights. We are the guardians of the rights, the republic and the presidency to whomever it may go,” Bassil went on to say.

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Thumb 18 August 2022, 16:15

There’s nothing Christian in J.B , he stole, robbed, cheats on his wife, bankrupted the country and teams up with Iranian sponsored terrorists seeking to establish and Islamic republic in Lebanon which goes against Christians interests. May he rot in jail for the rest of his days in a forced labor camp with his entire family.

Thumb sanglierdomestique 18 August 2022, 16:25

I’ll have what he’s smoking

Missing HellAndWaite 18 August 2022, 16:39

The price paid is too high. Better to live in a bad reality than an escapist fantasy contrived by remote powers .. at least it the way is as it seems ...

Thumb gebran_sons 18 August 2022, 17:25

Lol... no one harmed Christians more than Bassil, Ghada and Michel Aoun. They redefined corruption, nepotism, milking ministries, and cronies appointment. They bankrupted Lebanon and destroyed its reputation by allowing Basij occupation by force of arms. They are primary culprit in causing mass migration of educated Christians, ruin of Christian businesses, and desolation of Christian education, hospitals, banks and reputation. They are a curse on Christians as Hezbollah is a curse on Shiaa, impacting future generations. They should rot in prison if any grain of justice left!

Thumb chrisrushlau 18 August 2022, 19:23

He is referring to Article 24 of the constitution which reserves half the seats in the legislature to Christians. It does not explain how a Christian is identified.

Missing 5-7doud 18 August 2022, 23:37

You're kidding right, Bassil and his group think Article 24 of the constitution doesn't give the Christians enough rights. They want more, a return to pre 1990.

Missing 5-7doud 18 August 2022, 23:34

Bassil is the one who's losing his minds. His chances of becoming president are lost as he picked fights with every group in the country even his own allies and people from within his group, the latest his disagreement with Jreisaty Aoun's adviser. He got most of his MPs with the help of hezballah but he known the hezb cannot repeat what it did the last time to elect Aoun. So he's trying to play the sectarian card.

Missing samiam 19 August 2022, 08:08

What a tool--seriously can't wait until the old man is out of office and the next president strips him of his diplomatic passport.

What happened to the LEBANESE RIGHT of electricity and water?

Missing thatisit 19 August 2022, 11:56

Our lebanese Zelinsky

Missing HellAndWaite 19 August 2022, 15:59

.. only ours never even made it to having a primetime show of his own or even a popular show where he had a special guest host role to play. At least Zelenskyy is popular and citizens look for his leadership and follow ...

Missing cedars 19 August 2022, 13:49

A corrupt eztez needed a corrupt basil to save the Christians. That's what I am talking about.