'Change' MPs to launch presidential vote initiative


The 13 MPs of the “change” bloc on Friday announced that they will launch a “comprehensive initiative” regarding the presidential election in early September.

“This initiative will include the political stances and the constitutional and values-related approach that would establish a political and popular incubator that would push for the election of a president who would contribute to launching a salvation course for the country,” they said in a statement.

The initiative will be “a launchpad for communication with the other forces,” they added.

“MPs Michel Doueihi and Melhem Khalaf have been tasked with preparing the document and devising the initiative in order to launch it in early September with the beginning of the constitutional deadline” for the election of a new president, the statement said.

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Thumb i.report 19 August 2022, 18:54

Unfortunately, even in this tiny selection of independent MPs, some are corrupt, including women.

Thumb i.report 21 August 2022, 19:03

The Armenian one. Ya hala.

Missing rabiosa 20 August 2022, 17:18

Eventually they will fold like a cheap Chinese made tent and will vote got the Axis of resistance candidate

Let's all cut to the chase once and for all. Every single politician barring a few and controlled by the Hizbos.