Report: Lebanon receives Turkish proposal for gas drilling in southern blocks


Lebanon, which is yet to reach a sea border demarcation deal with Israel, has received a Turkish proposal for investment and drilling in the southern oil and gas blocks near Israel’s border, a Lebanese official source said.

“The Turkish proposal involves drilling and investment works in Block 9, which lies on the maritime border,” the source told Russia’s Sputnik news agency.

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Thumb ex-fpm 23 August 2022, 17:39

The Fatima gul in disguise! Cherchez le Bassil...

Missing singldad 23 August 2022, 17:43

sell Lebanon to the highest bidder! this is what Aoun et al are doing!

Thumb gebran_sons 24 August 2022, 00:21

These criminal Junta are also selling the wellbeing of Lebanon's children and future generations, piling mammoth debts and interests, destroying institutions and basic infrastructure, and pre-selling Lebanon still undiscovered natural resources. They should all rot in Jail if not in Hell! As for us, we are as culprit and the joke of the universe for reelecting the same mafia and criminal Basij!

Thumb gebran_sons 24 August 2022, 00:15

Considering Lebanon's downhill slide after being the Singapore of the Middle East started with Hariri/Tueni/M14 assassinations and the 2006 HizbIran War to destabilize government & occupy South to impose on villagers Suleimani's rockets; then reaching hell with Aoun and other Useful idiots selling Lebanon and their soul to the Basij for 30 pieces of silver... any border demarcation should start with Shebaa Farms, getting rid of Vichy government, restoring sovereignty and independence, and only then tackling maritime borders as any sovereign nation caring about the future of its children would do rather than this monstrosity bankrupting them and piling future debts on their backs. Simple common sense!

Thumb sevilla 24 August 2022, 10:38

what about your nassrallah?

Missing HellAndWaite 24 August 2022, 14:19

He things Sunni will be happy to drill, pump, and pass gas for him, Assad, the Persian ayatollah, and Vlad the Destroyer