Abi Ramia slams Geagea as 'Israeli agent' over anti-Aoun remarks


MP Simon Abi Ramia of the Free Patriotic Movement on Monday lashed out at Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea over the latter’s speech on Sunday in which he launched a vehement attack on President Michel Aoun’s term.

“President Aoun does not need a certificate from a collaborator (or agent) with Israel in the 1980s, nor from a conspirator with the Syrian forces against the free areas in the early 1990s, nor from a subordinate to foreign dictates at all times,” Abi Ramia tweeted, referring to Geagea.

Reminiscing Geagea’s courtesy towards Aoun in the wake of the Maarab Agreement, Abi Ramia charged that the LF leader “was sharpening his dagger against the General (Aoun), the same as he sharpened it against his comrades, especially the Christian ones.”

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Thumb lebanon_first 05 September 2022, 18:09

Israel is a theoretical threat. You and your hezbolla and your Iran are a real threat on the ground.

Thumb gebran_sons 06 September 2022, 07:35

Lebanon_first you are right. Abi Ramia is another Useful Idiot or more accurately a political prostitute allowing Hizbollah, Iran's Foreign Legion, to rape Lebanon in broad daylight and destroy our culture and freedom for political benefit. In any other respectable nation, this is Grand Treason and he his place to rot in Jail.

Missing singldad 05 September 2022, 18:29

I'd rather be pro Israel than pro ayatollahs

Thumb Mrowwe 06 September 2022, 01:54

Nobody is forcing you to pick between the two evils. Picking the child killing occupiers who have committed every crime there is to commit (including harvesting organs) isen't cleaner than being on the side of the ayatollahs.

Thumb ice-man 06 September 2022, 11:26

Oh Frank, don't be hard on him; He is doing it his way:)

Thumb marcus 07 September 2022, 17:41


Missing gabriel01 06 September 2022, 00:49

He talks after selling his soul to evil Iran and its thugs. Disgusting.

Thumb thepatriot 06 September 2022, 14:56

Syrian Lover.
Michel Aoun Fan Club President.
Ebola defender.
Lokk at yourself in the mirror you incompetent traitor!