Aoun: Demarcation contacts have made major progress


President Michel Aoun on Wednesday stressed that “the completion of the southern sea border demarcation file will enable Lebanon to launch the process of exploring for oil and gas in the specified fields within the Exclusive Economic Zone.”

“This will give the Lebanese economy a positive impetus to begin exiting the crisis it has been reeling under for years,” the president added.

“The contacts to finalize the demarcation file have made major progress, in which Lebanon has achieved what enables it to exploit its resources in its waters,” Aoun went on to say.

He added that “there are technical details that are currently being studied in order to realize Lebanon’s interest, rights and sovereignty.”

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Thumb gebran_sons 14 September 2022, 17:42

What an achievement! After decades struggling with PLO, Syrian and Israeli occupations; once Cedar Revolution gave Lebanese the first chance in generations to make Lebanon free, prosperous and democratic; a center for culture, education and freedom; the Singapore of the region, here comes deranged Michel Aoun to destroy all achievements, sell Lebanon and its democracy to the Basij for 30 pieces of silver, and in few year bankrupt an entire country, impoverished its population making worthless their life earning, and transform Lebanon into a beggar nation with no honors, security, institutions or freedom. Now he and the political mafia are stealing from future generations Lebanon natural resources. Even hell will vomit such an evil and destructive person along with the Basij and all the political mafia!

Missing phillipo 15 September 2022, 05:54

Even with the corruptness you claim amongst Lebanese politicians from President Aoun downwards, always remember 60-70% of 1000 is still a lot better than 100% of 0.
The quicker that Lebanon decides that it is willing to participate the sooner the work can begin, the sooner the situation in the country can improve and the sooner it can begin exporting its excess gas.

Thumb gebran_sons 15 September 2022, 10:21

The economic damage politicians did since 2019 is worst that the debt accumulated over the past 40 years. What should have happened in 2019 was renegotiating/rescheduling debt at something like 30 to 50 cents on dollar that lender would have approved and put Lebanon on quick road to recovery. However, with default on loans, our debt will mushroom and all our gold reserve and future gas reserve will not even pay the growing interest and legal costs while government, banks and people are bankrupt and investment/future loans impossible. There were profiteers from defaults, including Syria, the basij, HizbIran illegal crossings, and the political mafia. No hope until these criminals are brought to justice. Aoun and Berri, worst criminals, are now trying to pre-sell natural resources robbing them from future generations as nothing else left to steal.