Israel no longer 'partner' for peace, Abbas tells UN


Israel is deliberately impeding progress toward a two-state solution and can no longer be considered a reliable partner in the peace process, Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas told the United Nations on Friday.

Israel "is, through its premeditated and deliberate policies, destroying the two-state solution," Abbas said in a speech to the U.N. General Assembly.

"This proves unequivocally that Israel does not believe in peace," he added. "Therefore, we no longer have an Israeli partner to whom we can talk."

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Thumb 23 September 2022, 18:55

Tell that to the German Nazis still sponsoring the nazi-like ethnically EuropeanJewry colonizing the Near East.

Missing phillipo 24 September 2022, 20:38

Maybe someone should remind him that it is he who for 5 years has refused to sit down with the Israeli leaders, not the other way round.